This week’s simple pleasures.

-Chocolate milkshakes from Cookout. A student’s mom brought me a chocolate milkshake as a thank you present for helping her son. Since the air conditioning has been broken in my library, this was practically a gift of life itself.

-Iced Passion tea from Starbucks. I love this tea hot in the wintertime, but I am learning that it’s also good cold. I brought my plastic leaching Nalgene full of it today and drank it quickly. Delicious.

Gaudy Night by Dorothy Sayers. Between the heat at school, the stress of not knowing exactly when we will be moving, and the class I am taking, my brain is basically fried. I wanted to read something familiar and comforting, so I picked up Gaudy Night. It’s the kind of book that makes me feel cool on a hot day, the kind of book that goes perfectly with a tall glass of iced Passion tea. It is always a pleasure to return to the world of Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane.

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