On clean mugs, house hunting, and Indiana Jones.

Almost every morning, I come downstairs and find my travel mug cleaned out and draining beside our sink. It is especially difficult to open, and Mike knows that, so he opens it almost every morning and cleans out yesterday’s coffee. It’s one of my favorite morning things, to turn the kitchen corner and see my mug sitting there. I appreciate how Mike takes care of the little things, and as we have been searching for a house, I see how much of that falls on him as well. Mostly because he has more time, but that doesn’t mean I appreciate it any less.

Looking for a house is difficult – when we bought this house, it was kind of like choosing my wedding dress. I “knew” that was the right dress, and we “knew” this was the right house. This time around, things are a little bit more complicated, and we have been weighing what we want and who we think we are more than we did the last time. We think we have settled on a house, though. We are going to go look at it again tomorrow and probably decide for sure. We are thankful to have people who are helping us make a good decision, but it also makes me miss my dad.

We went to one of the older theaters in town to see Indiana Jones today. It just seemed right, to see it without stadium seating or big fancy surround sound. I wouldn’t call it the best Indiana Jones movie (that’s Raiders, of course) or my favorite (that’s Last Crusade), but it was good, uncomplicated fun. Parts of it were a little overly silly, but I enjoyed myself and had a good time. Also, it was only $8.00 for both of us. I bet you paid more than $8.00 for one ticket! My dad has been on my mind lately because of this movie coming out. I don’t know exactly when I saw my first Indiana Jones movie, but I think that it was when we rented the VHS of Raiders and Temple of Doom one time when my dad and I were both sick. Seeing them when we were both sick always made Indiana Jones feel like something special that my dad and I shared (in between puking our guts out). (Temple of Doom did not exactly make me feel better, let me tell you.) The first time I saw the trailer for the new movie, I cried a little bit, because it made me miss him and because it was weird that there was another movie and he wouldn’t be here to see it. I think he would have thought the same thing I did – fun movie. A little bit silly, but fun.

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