Tote bags of awesome.

From time to time, I feel compelled to come up with evidence that I am actually trying to better myself. So let’s talk about the tote bags under our guest bed!

I am not good at wrapping presents. Since that post, Kelly forced me to purchase wrapping paper at Target so that I would have something in which to wrap presents for her unborn child. I bought some pink paper at Target. I gave her baby some books. All was right with the world. Except that I still did a lousy job actually wrapping the present. And that wrapping paper just seems so darn wasteful. So I suppose we could say that all was okay with the world, but there was still some room for improvement, to be honest.

But then! Then Mike came home with a brilliant plan. You see, he was at Gardenridge for some reason . . .

Okay, let me pause right there. Let’s just talk about how great Mike is that he was even in Gardenridge by himself. He’s so fantastic. I told some friends the things that I am about to tell you, and they were like, “That is awesome, but I don’t want to have to go to Gardenridge.” Which is also how I feel. But Mike is good at big store shopping like that, and also he has good ideas about the sorts of things one can buy at Gardenridge. It’s good that one of us does.

. . . He was at Gardenridge for some reason, and he saw some tote bags there. In various colors. For $1 each. (Gardenridge doesn’t have anything I can link to.) And he came home and said, “What if we wrapped presents in those instead?” So we went to Gardenridge and purchased 30 bags in various colors. And now we are going to try giving presents in these. You guys, this is brilliant! These bags are cheaper than gift bags, and they are useful! I realize that now if you get a bag from me, you will know that it only cost a dollar, but I don’t even care. That is how great an idea I think this is.

I know that you are wondering how this means I am growing, since it was Mike who came up with this brilliant solution. Would you accept the answer that “we are one?” Because I always like to use that answer when it is convenient.

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