Portents of doom and other things.

When someone starts a sentence with, “I don’t believe in ______,” you know there is a but coming. You’ve been forewarned.

I don’t believe in omens, but I’ve seen Apollo 13 enough times that what happened on Wednesday concerned me. I was clearing calculators for the EOG tests next week, and I reached kind of sideways and behind me and my hand hit the chair, and suddenly my diamond ring broke. For those of you who care about these sorts of things, the whole setting fell out of the middle. So the diamond was still in the setting, but the setting was no longer in the ring. I was able to get all the pieces off the floor, but it was so strange. I have worn it while doing much more difficult/dangerous things, but it breaks while I am clearing calculators. It sounds kind of nerdy, does it not?

Though I do have my regular wedding band to wear, I do wear my ring every single day, so I have noticed the difference. And while I was pretty calm at first, it was kind of upsetting afterwards. I miss my ring, the ring that Mike bought me. It saddens me that it is broken. What doom do I fear that this portends? Well, I don’t know, but we do have a lot going on this weekend with Mike’s graduation and people coming to town. It’s just general doom I fear, I suppose. (So what else is new?)

We saw The Swell Season last night in Raleigh, and it was great. Except for the girl in the row in front of us, who had apparently never been to a concert before. When we are in seats that are that close together, I feel like you need to be respectful of the people around you and not flail about or trail your cape behind you. (Probably it bothered me more than it should have. I just felt like she was pretty disrespectful of other concertgoers with her constant swaying and singing along to “Falling Slowly.” You know what, honey? We all love the song, too. But, to borrow a line from myself, we didn’t pay good money to hear you sing it. I am not opposed to singing along at concerts in general, but this wasn’t really that kind of concert. If it had actually been at The Cat’s Cradle, her behavior would have been a lot more appropriate. Anyway, I will stop talking about this now.)

I just read that paragraph to Mike, who pointed out that I didn’t talk about the concert at all. That’s partly because I feel like complaining and partly because I don’t really know what to say – it was awesome, and I liked Marketa’s new song that she played a whole lot. I thought I was decently familiar with The Frames, but I really liked some of the things they played last night that I hadn’t heard before, and I will probably be checking that out more. The setup was really cool and the performance was great. You should go and see it if you get a chance.

(ETA: One of my favorite things was that Glen said that on this trip to America, they have discovered Freaks & Geeks and have been reliving their childhoods. How much do I love them for that? So much!)

There are some friends at our church who are probably going to move back to Virginia over the next few months. You know how I am, how it’s my thing to hate on people who are moving away from me because I feel abandoned. I have been much nicer to Melissa since she said she was going to be staying here (she says for a year, but I think probably forever). But lately I have been wondering if I am maybe being a little bit too mean to them. We are joking when we talk about slashing their tires when they are going to go on interviews, but if he actually checked his tires before driving off, have we gone too far? I feel like our relationship got off on a bad note somewhere, where there was too much sarcasm or something, and I don’t know how to rectify it, because now we are in this bad pattern.

We’re having all the big bad testing next week at school (sigh) and the library has been closed to students while we get ready for some of that. But some books have come in that students had holds on, so I have been hand-delivering as much as possible. I do this ostensibly because it’s nice, but I really do it because I like to see their faces light up when I hand their books to them. One girl almost hugged me when I gave her the third in the infamous vampire romance novels. She said, “Ohhhhhhhh! You are the best!” and hugged the book instead.

Today we will be cooking and preparing for the party tomorrow. I can’t believe that this weekend is finally here!

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