The spring break of my discontent.

As we moved closer and closer to spring break, it was obvious that all of us needed a few days off. Thursday was the low point of the week, the day it seemed that Friday would never actually arrive. After a frustrating day, I opted not to go to my church’s Maundy Thursday service, instead eating pizza with a few friends from school. I felt like crying all day, and the last thing I wanted to do was to go to church without Mike (who was still on his way back from D.C.) and actually give in to the crying.

Friday, though, had its graces. Many students and teachers were out, which was definitely challenging, but the prevailing attitude was that we just needed to get through the day, and the feeling of solidarity led to it being a pretty fun day overall. A few teachers showed Where the Red Fern Grows, and we had a run on the book in the afternoon. I made some people happy by keeping them updated on the scores (this mostly meant walking around whispering, “Davidson beat Gonzaga!” to certain teachers) and talking bracketology. Mike and I went to our favorite restaurant and the owner said, “You guys look more normal this time.

It has been difficult for me to celebrate Lent this year – we were out of town and I was sick and we missed a few services here and there. My class on Wednesday nights makes it difficult for me to be at church then, and, for several reasons, the church decided not to have a Good Friday service this year (not to mention that my school system was one of the few in the state that was actually open). I was uninspired about what to give up for Lent. All of this combined has managed to make me feel unprepared for tomorrow’s Easter service. I have so many questions about this victory over sin and death, about how I should live, about missing my dad. I have questions about the future, about whether our house will sell, about this transition to Mike’s full-time employment. I wonder where my place is, as all my friends also seem to be in transition and we keep missing each other. I am glad that we will not only have tomorrow to celebrate with our friends and family, but also a week to regroup, to organize our house and our plans and our minds.

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