Music that gets you moving.

I am running a 5K here in Greensboro in early May, and I have been trying to get in shape for it. Since changing jobs, my exercise schedule has been a little bit off. It’s crazy how much easier it is for me to exercise, though, now that it feels like spring (and now that it’s light in the evenings). Here’s where you come in: I need your favorite running songs. I listen to a lot of slow/sad music, and when I am running by myself, this is fine, but it’s not really going to cut it when I run in a race. I need some music to keep me moving. What’s your favorite I-will-make-it-up-this-hill song? Or, if you’re not a runner, what’s your favorite I-will-rock-out-in-my-car-and-I-don’t-care-who’s-watching song? As much as I love Patty Griffin, I don’t think she’s quite what I need here.

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