I’ve come to talk with you again.

I always feel as if we should celebrate leap day more. I don’t know exactly what I have in mind, but all Mike and I did was make our regular Friday night pizza, put in The Graduate, and do homework. Well, I did homework. He slept. I had never seen The Graduate before, though of course I knew the famous lines and had seen most of the famous shots. I have wanted to see it ever since I learned that Simon & Garfunkel wrote the soundtrack (which is to say, for quite a long time), but I specifically requested that Mike put it on his Netflix list after I read this article in EW about the filming of the movie. Finally, finally, I have seen it, and I was expecting to like it, but I was really impressed. I tried to wake Mike up to see the famous ending, but he was too far gone. Check another classic off my list.

That’s not to say that the day didn’t have its interesting points. I never know how much I am allowed to say, but Friday alone featured vomiting (not mine, but it did go all over some library books), a pep rally for the 7th grade writing test, and a fire drill, on top of the normal everyday craziness. There is always excitement in a middle school, excitement and chaos and change. I am doing okay with all of that, for the most part. This week is going to be a little bit nuts, but it should be my last crazy week for a while. I hope. The past few weeks have been really up and down, and I have not handled it all that well. I am ready to prove that this week can be different.

And, just so it’s clear, I am having fun. If I celebrated leap day at all, it was with a bunch of other teachers after work. At a bar. (I mentioned the vomiting. And the fire drill. Surely you understand.) We left the tensions of the week behind, ate some serious chips and salsa, and laughed. A lot. I have always wanted a job where there were people I could hang out with. Even if I am too busy to see any of my other friends, I am starting to develop some real, fun friendships at work.

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