Monthly Archives: March 2008

It turns out that my brother and I might actually be related after all. 3

Yesterday was Bright Sunday at my church. It was the first time we had ever celebrated Bright Sunday, which is the day (usually celebrated in Eastern Orthodox churches) when we dress in bright colors and celebrate with holy laughter the miracle of Christ rising from the dead. This website says that, “The custom was rooted […]

Double Love and Secrets by Francine Pascal 8

Random House is re-releasing the Sweet Valley High series, with updated references (this means cell phones and Elizabeth writes for the website instead of the newspaper) and character descriptions (this means “perfect size four” rather than “perfect size six”). In honor of this glorious event, I would like to share a treasured photo with you. […]

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. 2

Mike took another huge load to Goodwill yesterday, and the man there was apparently very excited to see him, saying, “You guys donate great stuff!” This has made me unreasonably happy, for I am now justified in believing that my junk is better than everyone else’s junk. You don’t think he says that to everyone […]

Doubt and doubt. 2

On Tuesday night, Mike and I went to see Doubt at Triad Stage. We go there a few times a year. This time we got the cheap gallery seats because I have been wanting to see this play ever since I heard about it on NPR back when it was opening. I remember being riveted […]

Amen. 0

I have sometimes dreamt, at least, that when the Day of Judgment dawns and the great conquerors and lawyers and statesmen come to receive their rewards … the Almighty will turn to Peter and say, not without a certain envy when He sees us coming with our books under our arms, “Look, these need no […]

“If you sweep a house, and tend its fires and fill its stove, and there is love in you all the years you are doing this, then you and that house are married, that house is yours.” -Truman Capote 4

We put our house on the market on Tuesday, and we have been cleaning things out because that is what you do when you are trying to sell a house. Would anyone like a nice end table? What about our baker’s rack? One of my jobs has been to go through all of our magazines […]

Who are afraid of being left by those we love, and who get hardened by the hurt. 1

This year, our church’s Lenten theme was about restoration. Every week, someone gave a focus on how God has restored some aspect of their lives – a woman who was abused as a child has now become a counselor; a man who spent many years focusing on himself is now married and he and his […]

The spring break of my discontent. 0

As we moved closer and closer to spring break, it was obvious that all of us needed a few days off. Thursday was the low point of the week, the day it seemed that Friday would never actually arrive. After a frustrating day, I opted not to go to my church’s Maundy Thursday service, instead […]

Music that gets you moving. 6

I am running a 5K here in Greensboro in early May, and I have been trying to get in shape for it. Since changing jobs, my exercise schedule has been a little bit off. It’s crazy how much easier it is for me to exercise, though, now that it feels like spring (and now that […]

Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana by Anne Rice 0

I am not sure whether Anne Rice’s books on the life of Christ are considered heretical or unorthodox . . . since they are from the point of view of Jesus, I am sure that some people find that offensive. I liked what she did with Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt, though. It made […]

Run quickly and carry a big stick. 3

I went running after work this evening. Which is all well and good, except for the part where dogs kept harassing me. There was the one that was seriously angry with me, growling and barking and pulling its leash to attack me. I was in the road! The road is not this dog’s territory! That […]

Materialism at its finest. 7

Thanks to AB Chao’s photo, we drove to Macy’s on Saturday and purchased our very own 7 Quart Martha Stewart Blue Cast Iron Pot. On sale. [ETA: It appears that my pot is no longer on sale. Sorry for bringing it up.] We had a little discussion about wants vs. needs after purchasing the pot, […]

On growing up. 3

This post by Roger Sutton, the editor of The Horn Book, seems to have upset quite a few people involved with children’s literature and YA literature. People are most worked up about the last sentence: “Whatever whoever chooses to read is their business, of course, but adults whose taste in recreational reading ends with the […]

Of what is past, or passing, or to come. 0

When Mike was still getting up a whole lot later than I was, we put a little travel clock in the bathroom so that I wouldn’t have to open the door and disturb him with bright blinding bathroom light to know what time it was in the mornings. Now that he and I get up […]

I am not sure I can come up with more strange things to tell you about myself. (That’s not to say there aren’t any. Just that I don’t want to tell you about them.) 7

Seriously, you guys. I have confessed to a lot of quirks here. And those are just the entries in which I was specifically talking about quirks. I think we all know that I have revealed more strange/quirky things than that. Like that time I ate the mint chocolate chip ice cream to keep the peace, […]

Like a ghost, you’ve been haunting all these dusty old roads. 2

One of my friends is moving to the other side of the country, and I have not taken this news very well. When she told me, I had to get off the phone, because I didn’t want to sound unsupportive, and I knew that I would say something selfish and self-centered if I didn’t stop […]

Healing the soul. 4

At the end of the day on Friday, my assistant said, “I didn’t think you were going to make it today.” I didn’t think so, either. My back was still very sore, and my head was congested, and my whole body was weary, and I was convinced that I had developed a sinus infection. After […]

My new perspective on field trips. 2

Yesterday was a really long day, and I have some serious sore muscles to prove it. (Thank you, large cooler, for destroying my shoulders.) But the paperwork and the stress and the frantic organizing of who would be on stage and the panic of not knowing what to do about the bus driver . . […]

Disjointed thoughts. 0

I didn’t say very much about it at the time, but Once was my favorite movie of last year, hands down. We went and saw it one Saturday in August, and Mike went and saw it again the next day. And we spent the rest of the fall and winter listening to the soundtrack (actually, […]

I’ve come to talk with you again. 4

I always feel as if we should celebrate leap day more. I don’t know exactly what I have in mind, but all Mike and I did was make our regular Friday night pizza, put in The Graduate, and do homework. Well, I did homework. He slept. I had never seen The Graduate before, though of […]