As if Being 12 3/4 isn’t Bad Enough, My Mother is Running for President by Donna Gephart

If Mia Thermopolis were a presidential candidate’s daughter rather than a princess-in-training, she would probably be a little bit like Vanessa Rothrock. They have the same frizzy hair, the same tendency to trip, and the same insecurities about their bodies. In between worrying about boys and boobs, Vanessa is also dealing with the stresses of her mother’s absences because of being on the campaign trail. She is a little bit resentful about the things her mom is missing: the county spelling bee, their weekly Gilmore Girls time. Over the course of the book, Vanessa learns about Super Tuesday and the convention, as well as dealing with some threatening letters dealing with her mom’s candidacy. That mystery shapes the climax of the book, and teaches Vanessa what courage really means.

I liked the relationship between Vanessa and her mom. They both had things to learn about being there for each other and supporting each other. This would be a good choice for preteens/teens who like the Princess Diaries series, as it has the same self-deprecating humor and deals with awkward situations (by which, of course, I mean gym class) in similar ways.

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