What school has been like lately.

Until now, I have managed to avoid whatever cold/illness/flu that was going around my school. This week, though, I have been particularly run down, and last night I felt the beginnings of a scratchy throat. A shocking number of teachers have been sick lately, so I’m hoping for a mild case of whatever it is.

I have been filming an art teacher who is applying for her National Boards Certification the past few weeks. I have had fun observing her lessons and getting to know her, but it has reminded me how bad I am at art. And also how much art class used to stress me out. Some of the students are very sure of themselves and what they want to create, but it would always take me a long time to come up with any ideas. And, invariably, my art projects would go unfinished. That’s what I remember most about art class: never actually finishing anything. We were always promised that we’d get back to whatever it was, but of course that never happened. Which is just as well, because . . . did I mention that I am bad at art? Her classes have been working with clay, and I have enjoyed watching their pieces come together. Some of them are really very talented, and some of them are creative in quirky and entertaining ways. It’s a fun way to get to know other sides of their personalities.

There’s this one kid at school who read The Book Thief and loved it, so when I got a copy of Zusak’s I am the Messenger, I took it to him, which pleased him quite a bit. And now every time I see him in the hall, he waves and says, “Hi, library teacher lady.” hee.

The book fair ended today at my school. I was very pleased to see that we kept selling out of the books that I had been talking up: the vampire romance series, in particular, and also Speak. A lot of girls have come to me and said that they liked Speak a whole lot, which is nice. Even better is that a lot of BOYS have been reading the vampire romance novels. I guess they got interested because of the vampires and then kept reading because of the CAPITAL LETTERS. Boys like drama, too, you see. Seriously, those boys cannot put those books down, and they keep coming to tell me how much they like them. One guy in particular is really enamored of them, and has started coming by to show me his drawings, which I enjoy. I showed him some of Brian’s pictures that I have hanging in my office, and he thought that was pretty cool. (Thanks for improving my street cred, Brian.)

All in all, things are busy but fun at school. It’s always different, but it really is starting to feel more normal.

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