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In Character. 10

Cookie Monster interviewed on NPR. It’s as delightful as you would hope. The “In Character” feature on NPR got me thinking . . . who is my favorite fictional character? Though it can be from literature, film, television, or song, they specifically want it to be American, so my first thought, Anne Shirley, isn’t an […]

To whom it may concern. 7

Dear young, impressionable future teacher number one, I did, in fact, bring my dinner to class. This is a three hour class. It goes from 4:00-7:00. I know I am going to get hungry, so, guess what? I plan ahead. There is no need for you to make snide remarks about me bringing dinner or […]

The Gospel According to the Beatles by Steve Turner 1

I have never actually read any of the other “Gospel According to” books, so I don’t know exactly what they are like. My impression is that they tend to be about the messages put forth in, say, Peanuts or Harry Potter, showing how those messages reflect the truth of God. I think there is a […]

The Opposite of Invisible by Liz Gallagher 0

I’m sick, can you tell? I’m catching up on the pile of books next to my bed. Alice is best friends with a boy named Jewel. They spend all their time together, know (almost) everything about each other, and insulate each other from high school life. The only thing Jewel doesn’t know about Alice is […]

30 Days to Getting Over the Dork You Used to Call Your Boyfriend: A Heartbreak Handbook by Clea Hantman 2

When I was in my teens, I got a book by Susie Shellenberger about dating for my birthday. It had exercises and things to fill out and was fairly informative. I liked parts of it, and learned some things, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that the book was a little bit . . . […]

As if Being 12 3/4 isn’t Bad Enough, My Mother is Running for President by Donna Gephart 0

If Mia Thermopolis were a presidential candidate’s daughter rather than a princess-in-training, she would probably be a little bit like Vanessa Rothrock. They have the same frizzy hair, the same tendency to trip, and the same insecurities about their bodies. In between worrying about boys and boobs, Vanessa is also dealing with the stresses of […]

What school has been like lately. 4

Until now, I have managed to avoid whatever cold/illness/flu that was going around my school. This week, though, I have been particularly run down, and last night I felt the beginnings of a scratchy throat. A shocking number of teachers have been sick lately, so I’m hoping for a mild case of whatever it is. […]

Same thing as the other time, but now it’s your rights versus mine. 3

I would not say that I am the most positive person in the world. If you know me, I am going to bet that you would agree. I tend to take a more negative view of things. (Some might call it negative, but I like to call it “realistic” or “practical.” That’s my positive spin. […]

Let’s hope Entertainment Weekly is right! 0

(Best Documentary Short is the pertinent category. My cousin edited that movie.)

Grease is the word. 7

On Friday morning, I got up, rolled my hair, put on a poodle skirt, a button-down, and a cardigan, tied a scarf around my ponytail, and went to school. Not because that’s what I normally do on Fridays, but because Mike’s school was having a sock hop that night, and I decided it was more […]

Baby, it’s cold outside. 4

I had dreams all last night about school being delayed or not delayed. In one of the dreams, I checked the county’s website for closing information only to find it pink (for Valentine’s Day? I guess?) and covered in weather maps. I woke up very confused . . . so was school delayed or canceled […]

A message I can feel. 1

I don’t know anything about Tullycraft, but one evening I was listening to the radio station that Mike DJed for over the summer, and I heard this beautiful haunting song. I made Mike call the station and find out what the song had been, and it turns out that it was “The Lonely Life of […]

Quirk quirk quirk. 5

Geof tagged me, but I am not going to tag anyone else. If you’d like to share six quirks about yourself, though, please post them on your blog and let me know in the comments. You might call them weird, but I call them quirks: 1. We have Fiestaware in light blue and yellow. I […]

A conversation with the cashier at Petco. That is possibly only funny to us. 4

CASHIER: Do you have a PALS card? MIKE: Yes. But I don’t have it with me. CASHIER: What’s your name? I will look it up. MIKE: Mike [we avoid last names on this blog as much as possible]. CASHIER: Hmmmm. Did you sign up recently? MIKE: Yes. CASHIER: Well, it takes about six weeks to […]

Lulu Atlantis and the Quest for True Blue Love by Patricia Martin 2

I remember the first time I read the story of the most famous spider in all of literature. The book was mailed to me by my great-aunt Margaret, who lived in New York and . . . was friends with E.B. White? I think? Maybe she just knew him. But still, very cool. He would […]

I’m honestly not sure how to improve upon, “Gentlemen, start your ovens!” 11

Yesterday the fragrance of baking filled our home. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, Super Bowl weekend can only mean one thing: the Male Bakeoff approacheth! Let’s review our Male Bakeoff experiences, shall we? The first year that Mike participated, he made a Chocolate Irish Cream Cake and won “Best First-Time Entry.” The second year, he […]

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson 1

If you work with teenagers or like teenage literature, Speak is one of those books you probably know about, one of those books that has achieved almost mythological status because of how powerful it is. That’s the impression I had, at least, but I had never actually read it before. One thing I love about […]

Memento mori. 4

At church on Wednesday, they said that the Ash Wednesday service is next week. Ash Wednesday? It’s almost Lent already? How did this happen? I was doing yoga that night, and at the end there is a position called Savasana, which I believe is called the “corpse pose.” I have been told that we do […]