Touchstone by Laurie R. King

The Beekeeper’s Apprentice is one of my favorite books, one that I hope to have the time to revisit this year. I haven’t read much of anything that Laurie King has written other than her Mary Russell novels, but Touchstone got such good reviews that I couldn’t resist trying it.

And though it did take quite a while to pick up (I really do think that some of the beginning could have been trimmed a bit, though I am not sure I can think of something that could go), this story of anarchy, communism, bombs, secret agents, and the end of a certain way of life (think Gosford Park) sucked me in by the end. It’s not my favorite of hers, and I don’t know how to describe the plot, exactly, but, as usual, she wrote the heck out of it. If you’re looking for a mystery/thriller and you’re willing to have a little patience, may I suggest that Touchstone might be worthy of your attention?

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