Proof of admittance.

I got a new UNCG ID yesterday so that I can go to the Rec Center. I don’t know if there’s another reason I should have one, but I would like to get some use out of that Rec Center fee, so I am going to try to go a few times this semester. We can have all these beautiful imaginings about me going to baseball games and basketball games, but if that never happened in four years of undergrad and two years of grad school, we need to be a little bit more realistic. I mean, these days, I am so busy that I have to have a robot clean my floors.

I had to get a new ID because mine was, well, expired. In fact, when I went yesterday to get my new one, the boy (child) behind the counter laughed at it. And said, “I guess you want a new photo?” Now, boy behind the counter, I know my ID is apparently older than you are, but please, do not laugh at my picture. That hairstyle was very fashionable in 1997. Also, it was humid that day. Also, my head was not floating, per se. It’s just that I had on a white shirt, and that, combined with the white background of the photo AND the ID, made it APPEAR as if my head was floating. Probably the largeness of my hair did not help the issue.

I have not yet been on campus enough to know which entrances I can actually use to get in the student center (my old favorite one? Closed), so I still feel a bit lost when I am there. But only slightly embarrassed. I get a little bit confused sometimes, sure, but I do generally know my way around. And I know the recent history of the place, so at least I have a reason for being confused. It’s strange to be in a place I loved so much and have it be different, but it’s better than having it be exactly the same. I do not love that I have to take classes, but even though I complain about it, I will let you in on a secret: I love being at UNCG. I love the buildings and the trees and the silly undergraduates. I love being in the computer lab and hearing a male grad student put the moves on a female grad student by telling her that he thinks Tate Street Coffee, a coffee shop I visited when I was in high school, is “trendy,” and that he would prefer to go to Spring Garden Bakery. I love that he probably doesn’t know that they used to be owned by the same people. I love how things change and how they remain the same. Mike always tells me that I should, someday, get my PhD, and maybe he is right. Maybe I will, one day, because I love academic life.

UNCG will always be a special place to me – I did so much growing there and had so many wonderful times. There is always a little bit of weirdness there: people screaming about God and waving signs, a man dressed all in black taking a running leap and climbing a wall like Spiderman (I watched this happen yesterday . . . the question is whether I should have reported it to campus police, because he scaled the wall and had obviously been practicing), the guy with a beard taking over class discussions. I treasure the shiny new ID in my wallet, which proves that I belong there once again.

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