The heart of my soul does not need warming.

I don’t really want to tell you all how impatient I am with the undergrads in my education class (y’all, they are so annoying, with their talk of how 8am classes are too early and the way they say “education should warm the heart of the soul” and actually mean it. What does that even mean? My soul doesn’t have a heart. That could just be because I am old and bitter and impatient. But I digress). Let’s just say that they are not my favorite, shall we?

Instead of that, I will tell you about the large gathering I saw at UNCG last night as I approached the library. There were police cars and I heard yelling, and as I got closer I could read the three signs. One: “Do you love your sins enough to go to HELL for them?” Two: “There is no god.” Three: I don’t remember exactly, but it was something about Jesus being the answer for peace in the world. Also, the third one was not so much a sign as a guy wearing a sandwich board. I strongly disapprove of sandwich boards unless the person wearing them is actually a giant pickle.

Anyway, I was greatly encouraged to see that nothing has changed at UNCG since I left except the place where people gather to hold up these signs and scream at each other. Oh, UNCG, I have missed you and your saucy ways.

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