Finishing touches.

In the past year, I have realized something about myself. Some of my friends are quite good with finishing touches, such as nice wrapping paper, beautiful bows, that sort of thing. I, on the other hand, am no good at those things whatsoever. When I am going to buy someone a present, I spend a lot of time thinking about the present itself. This is for two reasons: I am not naturally very good at thinking of presents, so it requires some work, and I hate shopping. I try very hard to come up with something good. And then I purchase said thing. And then I forget to wrap it. I put all my energy into coming up with the present; there is none left for presentation.

To be honest, I think the only wrapping paper I have is Christmas paper. This has been a problem in the past, when I need to wrap baby shower gifts at the last minute and have . . . nothing. If I’m at a birthday party or baby shower, my gifts are always the ugliest. I have been embarrassed by this in the past, and am still not quite sure how I feel about it. On one hand, I don’t want my friends to feel as if I don’t care. I do care! I have spent time thinking about their presents! On the other hand, I am never going to be able to match the presentation and artful bows of some of my friends (if I don’t have wrapping paper, do you really imagine I even HAVE bows?), so I might as well just not even try. (Isn’t that a beautiful attitude? If I can’t win, I shouldn’t try.)

Ultimately, though, I think I should consider the presentation as part of the gift, so it’s probably something I need to work on, at least a little bit. Unfortunately, I have made a bad start to this resolution, since I need to wrap a present for a friend’s birthday today. And, as I said, all I have is Christmas paper. Some of it is kind of wintery, though, so that should be fine, right? It’s January. It’s cold. Winter paper is totally appropriate.

Once again, my present will be the ugliest at the party. Sigh.

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