Young Mary.

I know not all of that which I contain.
I’m small; I’m young; I fear the pain.
All is surprise: I am to be a mother.
That Holy Thing within me and no other
is Heaven’s King whose lovely Love will reign.
My pain, his gaining my eternal gain
my fragile body holds Creation’s Light;
its smallness shelters God’s unbounded might.
The angel came and gave, did not explain.
I know not all of that which I contain.

I have felt for a while like Mike and I were living in transition, if only because we’d been pondering the idea of me switching jobs. Not to mention that the end of his college career is rapidly approaching, which will move us out of this comfortable existence into something new and unknown. Since switching jobs, though, I do feel more settled, like I have an idea of what our lives might look like for the next few years. After that, who knows? I am tired of trying to make plans.

The new job has made me think a lot about myself, my strengths and weaknesses, how I come across, how I can rise to meet a challenge. I have surprised myself. I am a stronger person than I sometimes realize. So, while I am not carrying the Son of God, I agree with Young Mary that I don’t know all that I contain, either. I know more than I used to, but I am still learning all the ways that I am gifted, that I am strong.

Praise be to God, who gives us these gifts, even things we don’t yet understand about ourselves. Who walks with us in our struggles, who does not forsake us. And who, despite the fragility of our bodies, chose to live among us, and now chooses to live in our hearts.

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