This week by the numbers.

Sweaters with apples on them: 1.

Sweaters with apples on them worn by me: 0. (I hope you knew this already.)

Times I sang the “Jeans Day” song this morning: At least 5. (I got to wear jeans! To work!)

Times before this week I have been jealous of Mike getting to wear jeans on Friday: However many Fridays there have been this semester, times 100.

Number of kids I gave copies of A Wind in the Door to: 2.

My happiness about getting kids to read Madeleine L’Engle: 1,000,000 times infinity. I use my powers for awesome.

Middle school books I am excited about reading: At least 20.

Things I broke: 0. (I think.)

Things I blew up: 0.

Things I accidentally set on fire: 0.

Number of kids I overheard saying, “She’s nice. I hope she stays.”: 2. (sniff)

Times I was asked, “And how old ARE you, anyway?”: 3.

Times someone said, “I’m sorry, I thought you were a student!”: At least 10.

Times someone said, “You look 15 minutes out of middle school yourself.”: Just 1.

Age I am: 28. I am 28, okay? hehe.

And, most importantly . . .

Times stabbed: 0

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