My boring life.

I guess all you need to know about my new job is that I spent an hour in a coffeeshop with my husband this afternoon instead of having to be at work. It felt like an afternoon off, except that it was actually my new schedule. Yesterday I got to hang out with friends before church, eating chips and chatting. I never got to chat before.

And, if you really want to know, yes, I have enjoyed interacting with the kids and staff and figuring out what the heck I am doing. (I do not actually know what I am doing. But no one seems to mind all that much.)

I hope you are prepared for some numbers, because I will have some for you tomorrow. Don’t you want to know how many sweaters I have seen with apples on them? How about how many times I have been asked, “So how old ARE you?” or heard, “You look like you are about 15 minutes out of the 8th grade yourself.” Don’t you want to know these things? Well, you will just have to wait. Patience, grasshopper.

Other things that have been good this week: Alexander McCall Smith’s new book, Love Over Scotland. Did I even need to mention that I loved this? I am clearly the fangirliest of fangirls when it comes to Alexander McCall Smith. In fact, he’s very high on my list of authors I would like to meet. Other authors I would like to meet include: Madeleine L’Engle (well, I felt this way until recently, but I’m in denial right now), J.K. Rowling (oh, wait I ALREADY MET HER AND SHE WAS SUPER-NICE), and Anne Lamott (I think . . . I think we could get along). I am sure there are some authors I love who should be on that list, but they will have to excuse me because I can’t think who they are at this very moment. Anyway, look at Alexander McCall Smith being the only male on the list! Good job, sir! And please stop by my house any time!

When I’m picking a book to read, I usually look at the author’s picture, and if it doesn’t seem that the author and I could be friends, I am less likely to give a book a chance. It’s true. Well, Alexander McCall Smith and I could totally be friends. I would love to drink tea with him. Or just get a chance to tell him how much I love his books. Either one.

Right now I am going to go (hopefully) finish Loving Frank by Nancy Horan and make biscuits to go with our chili. This has been a crazy week, because, suddenly, things are so different. I hope to have more interesting news/thoughts coming soon.

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