Reasons to enjoy the new show Aliens in America.

1. Clarence Wiedman. Clarence Wiedman, people. So what if he’s a guidance counselor in this show? He will still shoot you. Because he is Clarence effing Wiedman.

2. Scott Patterson. Wow, I love Clarence Wiedman, because I put him on this list before Scott Patterson. It’s nice to have Scott Patterson on my TV again, even if he looks nothing like Luke Danes. (I knew Scott Patterson was on this show, but Clarence Wiedman was a surprise.)

3. From how it sounded and from what I can tell on IMDB, the bad guys in this school? Are named Palladino. It could be Palladini. But let’s just go with the first one, shall we? Down with the Palladinos!

I didn’t watch all of the first episode yet, so I may find more reasons. What I saw, though, was funny and sweet, and the show has gotten great reviews.

And it has Clarence Wiedman. He will shoot you if you don’t watch it.

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