You can thank me later.

Last night Mike and I decided we wanted s’mores. We have been using the fancy chocolate that Katie sent, because . . . while s’mores are excellent treats by themselves, the level of their greatness is increased when using fancy chocolate. S’mores with raspberry! S’mores with caramel! And, last night’s discovery, in which we took our graham crackers, our marshmallows, and white chocolate, and then added blueberries between the chocolate and marshmallows. Holy Moses was it fantastic. Completely different than a normal s’more, but still completely awesome. It was a good thing we used our last graham crackers to make those two, because if we had had more, I would have been stuffing my face all night. Now I can’t wait to try blueberries and dark chocolate. This is the greatest invention of my entire summer.

I am sure you will say, “Why didn’t you take a picture?” I told you. I was too busy stuffing my face.

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