And the Eternal Glory goes to . . .

QUESTION: How many times will Kari cry?

QUESTION: How many times will Mike cry?

Let’s just say that one of us cried more than expected and the other cried less than expected and leave it at that, shall we?

Actual Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows spoilers below.

QUESTION: Will Harry Potter die?

We both got this right! I mean, I said in the comments that I thought he’d have to enter the land of the dead somehow, so I was pretty excited that happened (plus it was awesome in a Great Divorce sort of way) but both of us thought he would survive in the end.

QUESTION: Is Snape good or evil?

We were both right here, Snape was working for Dumbledore the whole time. Mike also gets some extra credit because I said that I hated the “Snape loved Lily” theory and he said he liked it. I was very concerned about whether I would be able to buy “Snape loved Lily,” but since they knew each other from when they were kids, I liked it a little better. I still don’t like Snape, though, sorry. At the end when Harry said that Snape was probably the bravest man he’d ever known, I did not cry. I won’t shed any tears for Snape.

QUESTION: Will Ron and Hermione die?

Yay, they both survived! We were both right!

QUESTION: Will Ginny die?

Again, yay! Both correct.

QUESTION: Is Irma Pince Snape’s mother in hiding?

Well, this was a fun theory we liked, but neither of us thought it was actually going to happen. I just want to know what other mothers Dumbledore has put in hiding.

QUESTION: Will Hogwarts reopen? Will the trio attend?

Finally, a question in which I kicked Mike’s butt! He said it would be open and they would attend, and I said it would open but they would not attend but would go for information or to look for a horcrux. Heck yes!

I would like to point out that Mike said that Harry needed to learn more spells than Expelliarmus. So we laughed when Lupin agreed with him. And I said that spell saved Harry’s life in the graveyard. So we gasped when Harry used it to defeat Voldemort. So awesome. We loved the Expelliarmus stuff in this book.

QUESTION: Who will be the D.A.D.A. teacher this year?

They didn’t even have D.A.D.A. this year. We were very wrong about Hogwarts. We thought McGonagall was going to remain as headmistress . . . we didn’t mention this, but both of us thought the Ministry would/could fall, but not as soon as it did.

QUESTION: What will happen to Neville?

We both thought Neville would die (I was more sure than Mike, so he was technically less wrong than I was) but are THRILLED BEYOND BELIEF that he made it. We did both think he’d take down Bellatrix, and I’m a little sad that he didn’t get to do that, but he pulled the sword of Gryffindor out of the hat! And killed Nagini! And Mrs. Weasley was so awesome with Bellatrix that I can’t complain.

QUESTION: Will we go behind the veil?

We were wrong about the veil, but I get some points about the idea that horcruxes are kind of opposite of hallows. The Resurrection Stone was kind of like how you could see behind the veil, but it wasn’t what we were thinking would happen at all.

QUESTION: Speaking of Sirius, will Harry communicate with him via the mirror, or will the mirror have a different significance altogether?

Very wrong, here. Mike thought it would be something to use to communicate with Ron and Hermione while on the horcrux hunt, and I thought he would communicate with Sirius.

QUESTION: Will Hagrid live?

Mike thought Hagrid would die. And he is disappointed. I thought he would live. I also pointed out that I hated the theory that Hagrid would be made Head of Gryffindor.

QUESTION: Does Grawp have a part to play?

Mike said that if Grawp didn’t play an important part, we got to cut him out of the story and see Ron’s Quidditch victory instead. Farewell, Grawp! We both thought he’d be a little more important.

QUESTION: Will Percy redeem himself? What will happen with him?

We both thought Percy would be too prideful to redeem himself and apologize to his family. We were happy to be wrong on this one.

QUESTION: Any other deaths you want to predict on the record?

I was wrong about Mrs. Weasley (my heart stopped when she started dueling Bellatrix). Mike was right that Mr. Weasley was going to live, but he didn’t become Minister of Magic (that we know of). Mike was right about Mad-Eye (I thought Mad-Eye was going to die, but I didn’t specifically agree, dangit). We both thought that one of the Malfoys would die, but that didn’t happen. And we both mentioned that McGonagall is awesome, which cannot be said enough.

QUESTION: Will Trelawney make a third accurate prediction? If so, any guesses as to its content?

This surprised me. We both thought she’d have one more.

QUESTION: Is Harry a horcrux?

We were both right, because we both thought Harry’s scar was a horcrux. Mike gets extra points for believing that the horcrux in Harry’s head would help him find the others. Like a horcrux detector. Very smart. I thought the dementors would eat horcruxes. I am still surprised it didn’t happen at all.

QUESTION: What are your horcrux theories?

We both thought that Regulus had found another and that Kreacher and Aberforth would have more of a part to play. Mike thought Nagini was a horcrux but I didn’t. There wasn’t anything about Grindelwald and horcruxes, though I should get some kind of point for Grindelwald pursuing the hallows, which were kind of the same.

And even though I went on the official record by saying, “There is not a horcrux at Hogwarts,” Mike can attest to the fact that I said, “If there’s a horcrux at Hogwarts, it’s in the Room of Requirement. Maybe that crown he saw.” BUT I NEVER WROTE IT DOWN, DANGIT. I GUESSED THAT THE CROWN WAS A HORCRUX. Mike says I get credit in his heart.

QUESTION: What part will the flying Ford Anglia play?

We both thought it would reappear. And are very sad.

QUESTION: Will the centaurs take a side, or will they continue to stand idly by?

Mike thought they would get involved and fight evil but not side with the humans. I thought they would get involved but that Firenze would not be the one to convince them. I was a little more right than he was.

QUESTION: Will the house elves be set free?

I thought the house elves would fight (yay! Loved that scene!) and then be set free. Mike thought they would be set free in the epilogue. Very sad. In my heart they are free.

QUESTION: Do you think Harry will travel back in time to the night his parents were murdered? Was he the person under the invisibility cloak?

We didn’t think this was going to happen, but we did like the theory.

QUESTION: Then what WAS under the invisibility cloak?

Nothing was under the invisibility cloak. Neither of us actually made guesses. But Mike said he thought Snape was there as a bat, so I think he gets some credit for believing Snape could transform into a bat (we are assuming that when he left the school that we were learning what his animagus was).

QUESTION: Will we see any of Luna’s creatures?

I thought we would. Mike didn’t. DANGIT.

QUESTION: What did Harry’s parents do?


QUESTION: Will Harry use an Unforgivable Curse?

We both thought that Harry wouldn’t be able to do any. But at least he didn’t perform Avada Kedavra. Since he had Expelliarmus.

QUESTION: How will Harry ultimately defeat Voldemort, assuming he can get rid of all the horcruxes?

We both thought it would be a sacrifice of love, and that some kind of deep magic would be involved. I really liked that since he chose to make the sacrifice, the people at Hogwarts were protected. We didn’t catch that the blood would be significant. We didn’t discuss the gleam at all, which was a huge part of what was going on here.

QUESTION: What is the significance of Harry having Lily’s eyes?

WRONG. We were wrong. The only significance, really, was Snape’s love for Lily.

QUESTION: Will the four houses of Hogwarts be merged into one?

I thought it would happen in this book (which, technically, Voldemort said that they’d all be Slytherins), and Mike said that it would happen in the epilogue. BOTH WRONG.

QUESTION: How will Pettigrew pay back his life debt?

Mike was very very close. He said that it wouldn’t happen in the final battle, that earlier in the book Pettigrew would come back and kill a Death Eater (himself) who was attacking Harry. I thought he would intentionally help but not turn good. Points for Mike.

All right, well, I didn’t add it up, but it looks, in general, like Mike was more right than I was overall, though I got some big things right like the hallows being opposite horcruxes. But I believe, ladies and gentlemen, that Mike is our winner. For all time. Congratulations, babe. hehe.

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