Daily Archives: 6/7/2007

What does Voldemort hate as much as he hates fun and puppies? 4

Exercise, obviously. He hates it when people are healthy because he’s all disfigured and [SPOILER BOOK 6] his soul is in all those pieces. [END SPOILER SECTION] So, this evening, I stuck it to the man by running to Harry and the Potters. Take that, Dark Lord! Rather than posting again, I’m going to add […]

Like butter that has been scraped over too much bread. 8

Mike has suggested that we designate a shelf for my “books to read” rather than having a pile beside the bed. I must admit, the pile beside the bed has gotten ridiculous lately. And that’s not counting the written list I have of books I would theoretically like to read (which I seem to add […]