What did I do this weekend?

Thank you for asking! I wooed Mike with a little bit of my banana bread. I have never told you about my banana bread, I think. So let me do that now. Back in September, I was sick of Mike cajoling me about making banana bread, so one Saturday morning I decided to make it. I was looking through a recipe book for something else (probably starting to think about Christmas cookies), and I thought, “Hey, I should add chocolate chips to my banana bread.” Because things with chocolate chips are infinitely greater than things without. But, to our very great sorrow, we found that we had no chocolate chips. We did, however, have peanut butter chips. I thought, “I like bananas with peanut butter.” And, lo, I created the greatest banana bread of all time. This is a fact. Mike will back me up here.

This weekend, he was cajoling me again, so I made my famous (it’s famous in our house, okay) banana bread for him. It is so delicious. If I do say so myself. And I do, because I don’t really care one way or another about banana bread, but if you add peanut butter chips, I am SO THERE. And, I invented it! All by myself! I never do stuff like that. It makes me very proud.

Mike’s big accomplishment is that we finally had outdoor movie night. This is something else he has been trying to get me to do, and on Saturday night, after a productive day of working and relaxing, he set up the screen and projector outside and we watched Pride and Prejudice under the stars. Very good times.

Other things we did this weekend: helped friends move, took good naps, lots of ironing, yardwork (including two new trees), cleaned the kitchen, bought shoes, helped someone stranded by the side of the road . . . all in all, it was a nice weekend.

And you should all just be thankful I didn’t use my original title for this post: “This weekend was bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S.” hee hee hee.

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