“See you later.”

Spoilers for “Bon Voyage.”

We’re all Gilmore, all the time here, lately, eh? Well, thanks for bringing up such a painful subject, since that was the last episode ever, and I won’t have anything else to to say about the show. Ever. Thanks. No, that’s fine. I’m not crying over here. There was no crying tonight.

Fine. I cried. Four episodes in a row with the crying! It’s just embarrassing now!

So, I mean, I know that when it comes to this show I am a person who keeps on going, keeps on watching, keeps on trying to paint things in a positive light. I stood firm all season, promising you guys and myself that it was all going to be okay. I was sure it was going to be okay. And so maybe it’s just me, with the rose-colored glasses, but that episode was pretty great, right? I was prepared to feel like the Lorelai/Emily relationship was unresolved, but instead I felt like they’re going to keep on talking and arguing and pushing each other’s buttons . . . and sneaking in genuine moments of love. They are going to be fine. Plus, Richard! Bringing the sentiment! I liked that it was tied in to his heart attack, that he was trying and being genuine, especially last week and this week. That was fantastic. I was prepared to feel like Luke and Lorelai were going to be rushed, but instead it felt good, like they are going to be fine. Like they both, individually, worked their stuff out and they are finally on the same page, and they’ll finally get their “middle,” just like Lorelai wanted. I’ve written more in this blog about Luke and Lorelai than any of the other relationships, but . . . I was satisfied. I never really wanted a big emotional wedding episode, or a positive pregnancy test, or a very special birth episode. I just wanted to know that they’d be happy together, and I felt like this episode gave me that closure. Overall, I was satisfied with the way tonight went down, the whole thing. If they’d come back for next season, what more could have been said, really?

I don’t want to talk too much about Luke and his amazing party-throwing ways, though, because this was, more than anything, Rory and Lorelai’s episode. Lauren Graham KILLED me. And Rory, with her, “You’ve given me everything I need.” I don’t know what else to say about it, but it was great – Rory with her job and Lorelai learning to let go. Just as it should be.

And of course, everyone in Stars Hollow, from Lane to Gypsy, Babbette to Morey, Cesar, Lulu, Zach, the unofficial town meeting, Taylor’s sicko speech, Kirk’s sash, and Luke sewing that tent. I could write a paragraph about each of them, how fun it was to see them one last time, how the townies were such a huge part of the show, and how glad I am that tonight’s goodbye included them, too. It hit the right notes – sweet and funny but not too sentimental. It was everything last season’s finale was not, to be honest. Good job, DSR. Good job.

And good job on getting Christiane Amanpour, by the way. Awesome. That was one of my trivia questions (good job, Andrea!).

I don’t want to stop writing about it, just like at the end, when it was panning away, and I said, “I don’t want it to be over.” But I like that it ended without neatly wrapping up every detail. In my head, Luke can go on the rollercoaster trip with Lorelai, and she can go on his boat trip, too. In my head, the whole cast can go on bantering and drinking coffee and having festivals and being (and driving each other) slightly crazy. It ended just as it began, in the diner. Just like I wanted, with Luke and the girls (he opened the diner for them, I love him so much) in the diner. And not a dry eye in the house.

Thanks for seven (mostly) great seasons, Gilmore Girls. We sure will miss you. Thanks for having us in “your little corner of the world” for all this time.

PS: Someone please buy this for my birthday.

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