“It actually tastes pretty good once you get past the whole ‘pornographic dessert’ issue.”

Spoilers for “Lorelai? Lorelai?” below.

Holy Moses, I just wrote a nice long post and Firefox ate it! I’m so sad! And mad! I’m smad! My own fault, I know, but I’m still smad about it. (And why did hitting backspace make me lose the entire post? I don’t think it’s ALL my fault, okay?)


Well, I can’t muster up quite the same amount of excitement the second time around, but I am maybe in a good mood or something, because, honestly, I feel that Mr. Rosenthal, who wrote this one, knocked it out of the park. As did Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson. The “cheesy song leads to revelation” motif has been a theme this season, if you recall, and . . . I think it’s not a classic Palladino thing to do, but I also think that they were better at the conflict than the resolution. Seems like we are finally getting some resolution. DSR is, admittedly, not as quick with the dialogue, but he gives us a little bit more genuine sentiment. I’ve said all season that I’ll take that trade, and I still believe it, especially after tonight. I loved that Lorelai was singing as a big fat joke, and then the scene turned so quickly (not that it wasn’t obvious that was going to happen, because it totally was). And it could have been cheesy, but I think that, instead, it was really nice.

I cried, okay? Stop judging me.

I also laughed, because Mike put “I Will Always Love You” on a playlist with romantic songs and Andrea (and Susan and Alisa, too, right?) and I were like, “WHAT IS ROMANTIC ABOUT THIS SONG? THEY ARE GOING TO BE APART. FOREVER.” But now I will totally think of it as a Luke and Lorelai song. Along with “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson and “Out of My League” by Stephen Speaks. Please do not ask me why these songs make me think of Luke and Lorelai. Just don’t ask, okay? At least “I Will Always Love You” and “Reflecting Light” are legitimate.

And Rory. Oh, Rory. Calling the Providence Journal. Oh, honey. When Lorelai was talking to Rory and said that things had worked out for her and having a setback might give her perspective, I felt like maybe the show was acknowledging that they haven’t always balanced her character all that well as far as that “golden child” perception goes. The past two episodes have gone a long way in making her more likeable to me again. I want good things for her, I do. I just want to see her face a little adversity, you know? It was fun to see her around town, and I really liked the Rory/Lorelai scenes in this episode. Oh, and the Chilton throwback stuff was very fun.

Anyway. Paris’s one scene was great. Babbette and Miss Patty were fun. I loved Brian the nanny. Lane and Zach’s scenes were cute. And Kirk! And Lulu! And Gypsy! And Morey! In acceptable amounts! That all made me very happy. But none of that compares, really, with the return of the hat. I was so happy about that, because I knew that Theresa really wanted the old hat back. I know in my heart he stuffed it back there on purpose so he could wear the old one. “Lost” my foot. And, actually, I loved that Lorelai noticed the hat was back. I wasn’t sure if she would or not.

It’s a shame . . . the show is finally DOING SOMETHING with both the girls, we’ve dug out of the pile of crap that was last year’s season finale . . . and we’ve got two episodes left. I, for one, am excited to see what happens next.

(I probably forgot something this time through. Sorry about that. I reserve the right to edit. Or add stuff in the comments.)

(And can I just say, I LOVE HOW VERONICA MARS ENDED? Thanks. Just needed to get that out of my system.)

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