“You know how Jack Bauer should torture terrorists? Make them go car shopping with their exes.”

Spoilers for Gilmore Girls episode “It’s Just Like Riding A Bike.”

Holy Moses, could I have loved this episode any more? Lorelai back in the diner! Jackson’s pajamas from . . . whatever season that was (season 2? Is that right?)! Lorelai pulling Oreos out of her purse! M. Ward playing on the jukebox! Sookie and Jackson acting like normal adults instead of being shrill! Lorelai on a bike! Paris jumping up and down when Rory opened that first letter (I admit it, I cried)! Rory saying, “Right, luck,” when Paris talked about her “luck” at getting into Harvard! And, of course, Luke and Lorelai acting like themselves! Oh, how I missed the bickering. Oh, how I missed Luke taking care of Lorelai even when her whims drive him nuts. Jennie Snyder wrote another one I liked earlier this season, and I said she could stay. Good call, me. hee hee.

I also cried a little bit when Rory got rejected, even though that was, plot-wise, what I wanted to happen. It was the right thing for the story, but it still made me sad. I liked Rory in this episode – she’s easier for me to like when . . . well, I hate to say that Rory has been handed everything on a silver platter, because I know she’s worked hard, but in many ways she is a golden child, and I like her a little better when she faces adversity, especially adversity that doesn’t have anything to do with a boyfriend (a Logan-free episode? Is it my birthday?). And the post-college job thing is hard, so I think it would have been really uncompelling if she’d gotten what she wanted right away. And, you know, since Paris brought it up, what about the fact that this time their roles were reversed, that Paris got what she wanted and Rory didn’t get her dream? Those two have been through a lot together, as their conversation at the end showed . . . it also made me feel like maybe the reason I feel ambivalence (leaning towards dislike) about Logan is that not just the show but specifically Rory feels some uncertainty and ambivalence about their relationship. I like that both she and Paris have these long-term relationships but they don’t really figure into “the plan” and they don’t know when to sacrifice and when to forge ahead. I can relate to those feelings, too, in certain ways, though this is the Gilmore Girls recap and not a time to be personal. hehe.

One thing I did not like . . . Lorelai’s ENORMOUS PUFFED SLEEVES. What is this, Anne of Green Gables? That’s it. That’s all I’ve got. I liked everything else.

Last week was all about the metaphors with the hay bale maze, and this week I think the metaphor was the car, right? I like the old car? Where the old car is Luke? The new car (Christopher) cannot be the old car? And now the old car can have a new life? Am I reaching? Just agree with me, okay? hehe.

I don’t know what you think, gentle reader, but with all the Paris (and, seriously, the marked lack of Logan) and Sookie and Jackson being likeable and Luke and Lorelai bickering . . . I am pretty sure our show is BACK! I am excited about the last three episodes of this season. That was flat-out fun!

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