Easter Everywhere by Darcey Steinke

I wanted this book to be something different than what it actually was. Easter Everywhere is Darcey Steinke’s story of being a preacher’s kid, drifting away from the church, and then finding her way back to faith. It was fine, thought-provoking in some places, but I didn’t feel a strong connection to the author. The story often jumped ahead without explanation, and I think the disconnect came both from a lack of information and, in places, a lack of self-reflection.

Her exploration of “Easter everywhere” was mostly about the different ways and places she’s experienced Easter through the years – the one that stands out to me is the Easter Sunday that she got her first period. I am not sure exactly what I wanted the book to be, but something about the title captured my imagination. Last Sunday I was captivated by the thought that we were celebrating Easter with churches all over the world. That the message is for everyone. That God brings redemption every day, to all kinds of terrible situations. Easter, everywhere.

I think that the ideas I had about what Easter Everywhere might be about had more to do with redemption than anything else. The way that my arms and legs feel so alive, right down to my fingers and toes, when I’m given a second chance. The way that painful things start to hurt a little bit less when we see what we have learned from them. The way God uses the things I have been through to help someone else who is struggling. It’s Easter in miniature, the redemption of sin, the victory over death and all the other losses we experience. If we are paying attention, we can see Easter everywhere.

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    Easter Everywhere by Darcey Steinke – Through a Glass, Darkly

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