Whither Tort and Retort?

On Friday, we went to the zoo. I really wanted to see the new/old tortoises. That was my main reason for going. That and, of course, the polar bears. I always want to see the polar bears.

We got there, and I was like, “WOOO! Where are the tortoises! Can’t wait to see them! WOOOO! Tortoises!” And then we got to the exhibit and we saw that it was “too cold” for the tortoises to be outside. They were hatched in Panama, and they like warm weather. I actually started to cry. No kidding. I really wanted to see them, and I dragged Mike to the zoo, and I didn’t get to see a single tortoise. Very disappointing.

Then we went to see the polar bears. Who were asleep. One of them rolled over and stretched. So I was very sad about that as well. Not going so well for me at the zoo. I have missed seeing them swim the past few times I’ve been there. Some Saturday I’m going to go and camp out at the polar bear exhibit all day until I see them swim.

Now, just as an aside, I have to say that the zoo was insane. Insane. Tons of school groups and families. Mike and I were pretty much the only people there who weren’t pushing a stroller or dragging a kid by the hand. There are some people with children who seem to think that my life is less fulfilling since I don’t have kids of my own, but as I wove through that crowd, I did not feel unfulfilled. I felt super-happy not to be pushing a screaming child who needed a nap. hehe.

The zoo trip was certainly not a complete waste, though. Besides the weather being cool and gorgeous (bunch of sissy tortoises), we got to see the lion cubs. And they were as show-offy as they could possibly have been.



Look at them wrestling. Don’t you want one of your own?


It was nice to be outside, even if we did get a little cool in the end. But I am really sad about the tortoises. Mike’s going with a school group in a few weeks, and I think I’ll run over to the zoo on my lunch break and see them then. If the weather is warmer. I don’t want to miss them again.


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