Or do adults just learn to play the most ridiculous, repulsive games?

Our neighbors can speak to us again, because we did a little yardwork and are hopefully going to have grass soonish. We don’t live in a very chatty cul-de-sac, though, so it’s actually fairly doubtful that they’ll be speaking to us soon. But if they were to speak to us, it wouldn’t be about how we needed to do something about our awful awful lawn. Or those awful dead plants on our porch. Though I would still like to speak to them about their yippy dogs.

This weekend, I really wanted to move back to Greensboro. I haven’t felt that way in a while – I blame all my friends who have been looking at houses and buying houses and moving for this itch, because I really like our house and the area where we live. And I don’t know how we could possibly afford to live in Greensboro.

A lot of it probably had to do with the fun we had on Friday night with some of our friends. It was silly fun – eating dinner, playing board games – but proximity often means we don’t get to participate in things like that. Plus, we got to play Pit. Mike and I have wanted to play Pit since it was mentioned on Freaks and Geeks, because we had no idea what it was. Brandi and Aaron brought it to Atlanta last summer, but we didn’t get to play it, much to our disappointment. Mike was a champion Pit player, but I was thwarted by someone’s inability to tell Sugar from Soybeans. I swear I would have won that time. I swear. They let me ring the bell anyway, just so I’d know how it feels.

After that, we played Loaded Questions. Until after midnight. Our answers, as I’m sure you can guess, got more and more ridiculous the more tired we got. Deepest regret? Not trying out for the Blue Man Group. Not getting the supersize. Celebrity you most resemble? Oprah. (That was my answer – she has a book club, I have a book club . . .) Worst thing you can call someone? Ma’am. (And some unprintable responses, as well.) There were more of us than there were actual gamepieces, so we played with pieces from the CSI game instead. I was Greg, or “Sexy Greg.” I have never seen an episode of CSI, so I have no idea whether Greg is actually sexy. I just declared it to be so. His character piece kind of looked like George Harrison.

After Dad passed away, I knew that some relationships were going to change – many people staked out a place in my life as if to say, “We want a deeper kind of relationship, and we are going to prove it to you by being here for you now.” Other people drifted away. This weekend, as I spent time with some people from the first group, I realized how much easier it is for me to be friends with people when you know that they like you. That’s kind of silly, right? Why would we be friends with people who don’t like us? But everybody has been in situations like that. On Friday, Mike and I sat at that table with six other people we genuinely like and who genuinely like us and each other. We laughed until we cried (I was still laughing about some of those things yesterday, actually), we left and I didn’t feel like I had to worry about what I’d said being taken in the wrong way, nor did I feel that there were negative feelings hiding just under the surface. It has taken persistent effort to get to that point, but . . . would that all relationships could be so uncomplicated.

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