‘Cause it’s too important to stay the way it’s been

When I registered for my first semester of college, we still had to do the wait-in-line-at-the-registrar’s-office thing. Just that first semester. And there wasn’t really a line, because it was just freshmen and it took me forever to pick out my classes (because everyone told me that they would be helping me pick out my classes, but, no, that was not exactly how it all went down – they expected me to know what I wanted to take) and I just walked up and got registered, huzzah!

The second time I registered, well, that was supposed to be online. UNCG had finally switched to registering on the internet! But I was going out of town for the weekend, so my best friend did my registering for me. She got me all the classes I wanted. It was very uneventful. At least on my part.

The third time I registered is the memorable one. I had a pin number, a four-digit pin number that they gave me. I saved the printout, just as I was supposed to. I was all ready to register at midnight, just as I was supposed to. And my pin number, it would not take. I had apparently missed the communication about how they were adding two zeros to the beginning or the end of everyone’s pin number. I can’t remember which. I just remember that there were two crucial zeros missing that I still don’t know how I was supposed to know about. I think maybe I got screwed because I saved the original piece of paper that had my pin number instead of having to look it up again, so when the letter came that said, “Here is your pin number,” I thought, “Oh, I already have that,” and put that piece of paper aside.

I am slightly less high-strung these days, but, to my 18-year-old self, this was an unmitigated disaster. I stayed up, repeatedly trying to register. I got no sleep because I was so worried. I called my dad and sobbed at him at something like three in the morning (I am really sorry about that, Dad). I ruined Easter weekend (why would they make a freshman’s registration start on Easter weekend? That still seems so foolish – don’t make the freshmen register when there’s not going to be anyone around to help them for a couple of days) by moping around, sure I was going to be unable to graduate, ever. I thought maybe God was punishing me for dumping my nice boyfriend the weekend before.

And then, on Monday, I went and got it all straightened out. And the really awful part is that I got into every single class that I wanted. As a freshman. Trying to get into some competitive business classes. Boy, did I feel foolish. Also, God apparently did NOT hate me.

After that, registration wasn’t so fraught with peril. I was still using dial-up, so it was incredibly slow when I was trying to register, but I generally got exactly what I needed, so it was no big deal. Well, Mike will tell you that it was still a big deal just beforehand, when I would be all nervous and freaked out, but it ended well.

Last night, Mike was supposed to register, and he forgot. So he called me and, as I was driving to work, I wrote down the pertinent information (very dangerous stunt, do not try this at home) and got to work and registered him. I didn’t get his first choice for one class, but I think it will all work out okay.

It was kind of bittersweet, really. This is the last semester that Mike will be registering, because his spring semester next year will be student teaching. We’re just about ready to put this school thing behind us, to start the next chapter. We’re going to start doing the “last things” – the last time Mike has to register, the last time he has to buy textbooks, the last test. We’re not there yet, but it’s getting close.

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