In vino veritas.

Spoilers for last night’s Gilmore Girls: “I’m a Kayak, Hear Me Roar.”

How great was it to get an episode that had townies and grandparent action and no Christopher? It was like spring came early! No, like Christmas came early!

You know, the really sad thing is that the first half of the season could not have been slower, as far as I was concerned. And now I feel like we’re running out of time for the really important stuff to happen. This was episode 15, you guys. There are only seven left. Seven left this season or seven left of the series . . . I have not yet heard the final decision.

Anyway, I have to confess that I was only halfway paying attention. It had been a long day. But what I saw, I liked indeed. I think we should start with Emily, since that’s what comes to my mind first. I thought we had some great Rory/Lorelai moments as Lorelai tried to work up the courage to tell Emily about the failure of her “marriage” with Christopher. And I don’t think we’ve had an Emily/Lorelai moment quite that good in a while. Drunk on mocktails! Checking the budget! Talking about rowboats and kayaks! And, of course, Emily was back to her ice-cold self in the morning.

But here’s the thing. I titled this post in vino veritas because I think that’s what we (and Lorelai) should remember. I think those are Emily’s true feelings, that she respects what her daughter has done with her life even as she struggles to understand it. And even though Emily was practically Antarctica in the morning, what she didn’t do was say, “You screwed it up again.” Emily knows that Christopher isn’t right for Lorelai, even though it’s been hard for her to let go of that ideal.

What it boils down to for me is that, if this really is the last season, which I imagine we will know in a week or two (I heard at one point the decision would be made by the end of February), we really do have to have some progress. Amy used to say that the show was about family relationships, and how they could be one step forward and two steps back. I think that kind of thing can be fun up to a point, but it’s hard for there to be so little growth between Lorelai and the grandparents, and I blame Amy for deliberately keeping it that way (and this isn’t me just piling on Amy – I felt like this even when I trusted that she had a plan about other things). The writers they have now do seem to be somewhat better about bringing us more closure and tying up loose storylines. I am hopeful that last night’s episode moves us closer to some growth – a little more understanding. It would be a nice cap to that storyline.

I guess the next place to go is Rory/Logan. I still just don’t get it about Logan. Even when I like their scenes, as I did last night, I am left cold by the overall relationship. I honestly don’t think he’ll ever win me over. That’s not that I hate him, just that I feel kind of “meh” about their relationship. But I did like Rory throwing him all the birthdays he’d missed. Very cute. I wish they’d come up with a different way to phrase it than, “You’ve been Huntzbergered.” Really? After we ALREADY had “You’ve Been Gilmored” as an episode title? Okay. I will admit I find the similarities between being Gilmored and being Huntzbergered amusing.

I am of two minds about whether he should have told her about the business deal (which I was apparently right to feel “Danger, Will Robinson!” about) going awry. I totally get that he was trying to protect her, to let her have her fun. And I was okay with that for a while. But the more I think about it, the more I think, “No, if they are in a committed relationship, she deserves to know.” Maybe it’ll be more clear once we know what the impact will be. How much of Logan’s trust fund was up? Was it all of it? I am still unclear on this.

And, of course, I loved the townie action. I can still do without Liz and TJ (well, TJ – I like Luke and Liz scenes, especially now that she has a baby), but I love Miss Patty and Babbette. And I liked Luke a lot in this episode – trying to decide how to proceed. And what was it that Babbette said – the rooster has a face like Stonehenge? Hee.

This was, again, Rebecca Rand Kirshner (yay!), and I didn’t think it was as great as some of her others, but it did what it had to do, and it did it very capably. I certainly liked it. What I think is so weird is that the episodes feel so much more normal without Christopher. He took up so much time. What a waste. There was more time for regular Gilmore Girls stuff without having to deal with him. So here’s to “normal” episodes again.

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