“Haven’t you ever done something you wish you could take back later?”

Spoilers for Gilmore Girls episode “Farewell, My Pet.”

So, is it just me, or does it sound like Christopher has been reading my blog? He said all the things I’ve been saying! He even said part of it in a more clever way, like the “disengagement” line. I totally could have thought of that! Lorelai needed to disengage before jumping into a relationship with Christopher! My heart is so sad that Christopher came up with that and I didn’t. I feel I have let you all down.

Anyway, I mostly loved this episode. Because Lorelai gave Christopher the boot. Huzzah! Actually, let me list all the things I enjoyed about the episode before I give my (very few) negatives. Sookie was great in this episode. She was a real friend, asking the hard questions. Being honest. I love it when we get to see that part of their friendship. Michel got a story, and I have to admit that I see how they are paralleling season 1 (Richard in the hospital episode, dead pet funeral episode), but I liked the “Cinnamon’s Wake” Redux. I liked seeing the Dragonfly Inn – we have definitely been missing it. I liked Zack not wanting to sing “My Heart Will Go On.” I like the new cute TA. hee hee. I liked Paris wanting the boys to get tattoos since it would be like branding them.

I liked Lorelai and Christopher all finally saying what they really think and feel, and I like that I was right about that plotline – she does want to want you, Christopher. It would make sense if she did. You’re her first love, her babydaddy (hee), that guy that she always thought she could make it work with. I like that this breakup wasn’t about Luke . . . let me start over. The breakup was about Luke, because it was about how Lorelai’s feelings for Luke make her realize she can’t settle with Christopher. And we, the audience, know that Luke still loves Lorelai. But I don’t think Lorelai knows that. I don’t think she’s expecting to be with Luke now that she and Christopher have called it quits. And I like that. I don’t want her to jump from Luke to Christopher and back again. I want her to figure out why all this happened first.

So, Zack playing Celine Dion is classic Gilmore Girls, I think. And I think it was very effective to have Lorelai “see Luke’s face” then. But . . . it did seem a little cheesy for Gilmore Girls, don’t you think? I think it all came together really well, with the pet funeral helping Lorelai’s realization. But it was a little cheesy. That’s my only complaint, though. Since the winter break, the show has really seemed like it was back on track, with good, strong episodes and good, classic scenes. I know it is nitpicky of me to complain about this one thing. But I have been this show’s biggest cheerleader, so I think I have earned it.

And on that same note, I love that Gilmore Girls never does traditional Valentine’s Day episodes. This season, Lorelai and Christopher ended their marriage. Last season, Lorelai and Luke had a miserable time on Martha’s Vineyard. Two seasons ago, the vow renewal was right before Valentine’s Day and Luke and Lorelai’s big fight/breakup was right after it. In season 4, when the Luke/Lorelai storyline was building, the only nod we got to Valentine’s Day was that he got drunk and talked about his feelings and then gave her some earrings his sister made. Season 3’s episode was Jess showing up at the grandparents’ house with a black eye and Rory telling her mom she was thinking about sleeping with Jess. Season 2, Christopher’s baby was born. And season 1 had . . . nothing. hehe. I bet you thought I was going to say the Firelight Festival, but it aired in March! Tricky! I know you want to know how many of those I knew and how many I had to look up. I knew seasons 4, 5, and 6, and I had to look up seasons 1-3. Anyway, the show doesn’t get all sentimental most of the time, and I like that. So I guess I can forgive a little revelation during Celine Dion. But I did want to note that it made me a little squirmy.

I don’t want to downplay the fact, though, that last night’s episode was really good. That writer? She can stay. (I think her name was Jennie Snyder. Oooh, I just looked, and she wrote the episode earlier in the season where Rory got pissed at Lorelai and Chris for getting married in Paris. She can definitely stay.) It had townies, but not too much quirk. It had humor. It had actual conversations. I didn’t feel ashamed or disappointed to be a fan.

So, from here, I guess what we need to see is Lorelai and Christopher end the “marriage” (find out it’s not real!), Emily and Richard be on Lorelai’s side (like I said last week), and Luke and Lorelai moving toward each other. As far as Rory, I am still not all that into Logan, no matter how cute they are together. I just can’t do it. I am sorry, Susan. But I would like to see Rory get a job or go to grad school or something. And I would like to see her keep hanging out with Paris. And I would like to see her be there when Lane has her babies. And I would like to see more of Lucy and . . . whatever that other girl’s name is. These are not all that much to ask. Please let these things happen.

I am going to have to watch this one again, I think, because I know I have forgotten some things, but these are my disjointed thoughts this morning.

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