Six weird things.

Alisa tagged me for “six weird things.” Do you know how hard it is to find weird things I haven’t already talked about extensively that aren’t too personal to share on the internets?

1. The toenails on my big toes grow in such a way that they poke holes in my shoes. It has been this way for as long as I can remember – I always had holes in my Keds in middle school, for example. I apparently got this from my dad – I learned that when my mom pointed out that my toenails might look nice if I’d let them grow a little longer, and I informed her that wasn’t really possible. I have to keep them trimmed or constantly buy new shoes. Thanks, Dad.

2. I alternate between “typing” the letters of things that I’m thinking about and signing the letters of the things I’m thinking about. I do the typing more when I’m stressed out – I find signing more calming.

3. I am more likely to check the end of a novel than to let the story unfold. This is partly just because I think I can enjoy the story better if I know what’s happening, what the author is doing, and partly maybe because I have some control issues and some issues about being informed/not being left out.

4. This sounds similar to the last one, but is actually pretty different. When I read a magazine, unless there’s a story I am particularly looking for, I am more likely to start at the end and work my way to the front than to start at the beginning and work backwards. When I was in school, that was also how I preferred to take tests. (I hated the GRE for that reason – I was forced to work within the confines of how THE MAN/the computer said I had to take the test.)

5. I love to drink milk when I eat Italian food or when I eat chips and salsa. I know this is not uncommon, but Mike thinks it’s weird, so I’m including it.

6. I haven’t seen a lot of movies that I really should have seen at some point and will now probably not bother to see, including but not limited to: Braveheart, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Matrix, Die Hard, Pulp Fiction, Groundhog Day, Caddyshack . . . I can’t think of any more. But I’m sure that Mike and Brian can remind me of some others. Because there are a lot. Also, I hate E.T. I am pretty sure this makes me un-American. And I only saw Goonies once.

(I make my bed every morning, unless I’m planning to change the sheets that afternoon. And at some point that day, I will still make up the bed completely. But I choose to believe that is not weird.)

I am not going to tag anyone, but if you haven’t done it and you’d like to, you’re it!

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