I’m late, I’m late . . .

I never wrote anything about last week’s episode of Gilmore Girls. No particular reason – I just got sidetracked by snow and a rough week and a busy weekend. And here it is Tuesday already, and I haven’t written anything about last week.

Of course, with things progressing as they are, I don’t have much to say. The episode pretty much speaks for itself – Christopher moved out, Luke called and said, “I won!” That’s so true, my friend. So true. I did think it was a nice touch that Luke called Lorelai to tell her about the custody case. Way back in season 4, when he listened to the self-help tapes, they asked him who he wanted to tell when he had big news, whose face he imagined when he wanted to share something like that. So it’s a nice bit of continuity that, despite everything that’s happened, Lorelai is still tops on his list.

On one hand, sure, I felt sorry for Christopher, because he is so clearly in over his head. Lorelai has, in truth, been using him to get her ideal perfect family, in the hopes that that will satisfy her. And now that he realizes that he’s not what she wanted after all, he’s upset about being her “second choice.” Christopher. Are you kidding me? You slept with her about five seconds after she broke up with Luke, broke her engagement with Luke. And now you complain about being the rebound? Come on, dude, I can be sympathetic, but . . . please. She has, unconsciously I believe, been using you. But you used and manipulated her to get what you wanted, too – to get your own version of the “perfect family.” She told you that she wasn’t ready to sleep with you but you pushed ahead. She didn’t want to get married in Paris, and yet you did after all. She said she didn’t want to have more babies just yet, and you pitched a fit. It’s awfully hard to be sympathetic to your position, since you got to your position by, well, whining and cajoling. A lot.

I don’t have much else to say except . . . sometimes Paris drives me nuts, but then she sets up whiteboards in her apartment and plans the last few months of her college career, she fixes Rory’s relationship with Lucy, and I forget why I ever disliked her to begin with. Oh, Paris.

Oh, and I hate Anna. Please tell me that’s the last we’ll see of her.

A little birdie told me that Rebecca Rand Kirshner wrote tonight’s episode. Rebecca Rand Kirshner. And so, I, of course, am hoping that it will be excellent. And also I am hoping that Grandpa doesn’t die. Please don’t kill Grandpa, Rebecca Rand Kirshner! Please!

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