Ugly Betty and The Office throw down.

So, here’s something I think is . . . interesting. I have seen a fair amount of fans of The Office complaining about how much they think Ugly Betty sucks, how undeserving it is of the Golden Globes that it won (well, specifically Best Comedy Series, so maybe just one of the Globes that it won), that The Office was robbed, etc. I know some people are kidding, but I’ve seen actual vitriol.

As a fan of both shows, I find this sad. I love The Office, because I love Jim and Pam, and I love all the supporting characters, and it makes me laugh (and I love to laugh). It’s quotable and hilarious, and I am a huge fan. It’s one of my favorite shows. We have the DVDs and I watch it all the time.

But I love Ugly Betty, too. Its over-the-top characters and antics are a completely different kind of humor, but I often find myself laughing out loud at it, as well. I love America Ferrera. I love that she makes Betty sweet instead of cloying, and words cannot express how much fun the supporting characters (specifically Marc and Amanda) are. Plus, I always have a soft spot for underdog/ugly duckling shows, especially when the show takes the extra steps to make the point that beauty is more than just what’s on the outside. It keeps getting better and better, and it’s fun being a fan.

So, here’s what I would say to Office fans:

1. Ugly Betty is actually very funny and sweet and the people there are doing excellent work. It’s not for everybody, but if there’s anybody who should understand that kind of thing, it’s Office fans.

2. I think a lot of the current widespread popularity of The Office dates back to last year’s Golden Globe win for Steve Carell. The show really picked up in the spring, and I think the Globe is part of the reason why. I would argue that the Globe got people paying serious attention, which probably led to the Emmy nomination and win. So – share the love, Office fans! You guys/we are doing great! There’s room for new kids to come and play, too! (I know, I know, Ugly Betty is doing great, too . . . but maybe that’s why it was just a teeny tiny bit deserving of an award? Is that going too far? Am I going to get beat up for saying that?)

3. Other than the possible boost in ratings (which didn’t help Commander in Chief last year, and which Ugly Betty doesn’t really need), I don’t really think that the Globes mean anything. No need to get worked up about a meaningless awards show. (And, really, aren’t all awards shows meaningless? Someone should have reminded me about that last year when I got so worked up about Crash winning the Oscar. hehe.)

4. Let’s face it, Ugly Betty probably won because many members of the Hollywood Foreign Press have a version of Ugly Betty in their own countries. Additionally, the Globes have a history of awarding what is hot and fresh right now (see: Grey’s Anatomy, Steve Carell’s win last year). Which is fine. Nobody ever said that stuff was anything more than a popularity contest. But . . . see number 3. Probably not worth drinking yourself to sleep over.

Anyway, I just wanted to get that out of my system. All the “Ugly Betty sucks” was leaving a bad taste in my mouth and making me want to disassociate myself from Office fans. And that’s just not right. I don’t want to lose my Office peeps. There’s enough love to go around, you guys! Why can’t we all just get along?

(P.S. I think Alec Baldwin deserved his award, too, because he makes 30 Rock. I laugh at every single thing he says on that show. So I’m definitely getting beat up now, right?)