Is this a small-town thing? A Southern thing? Do I just attract niceness?

I know that Alisa has had some terrible USPS adventures, and Mike has also had some run-ins with them from time to time, but I never seem to have anything but positive experiences with the folks at the Post Office. When I applied for my passport, the nicest man was in charge of taking my picture, and he and all the other employees talked to me about how I was applying for The Amazing Race, and they were all very excited with me and made the whole thing fun.

Today I was at a different post office, but I also had a nice experience, this time with a lady. I needed to mail two identical things, and I tried to scrounge boxes here at work, but only managed to find one. “That’s fine,” I thought, “I’ll just buy the other at the Post Office.”

And so at lunchtime I went to see the nice ladies who work at our Post Office, a block away from where I work. I have gotten to know them better lately, what with Christmas cards and CD Circles and whatnot. I like to at least pretend that they recognize me. I’m cute. I’m friendly. It’s possible. It would also explain what happened when I asked for a box. The lady asked to see what I was mailing (proclaiming it “cute”) and then went back to the offices and found an old box that used to contain envelopes that I could have. Have! For free! And packaged it up for me and everything! All I had to pay was postage!

Now, maybe I’m wrong, and that box will get to its destination all torn apart with the contents crushed, but the spirit of Christmas compels me to be more hopeful than that. I thanked her and wished her a very merry Christmas. It sort of made me feel like a Hallmark card, the whole, “Going the extra mile/Being nice to people just because it’s Christmas/Goodwill to men.” It wasn’t even something that was a big deal to me, to buy a box, but she certainly brightened my day.

Also: this post is my explanation for why somebody’s getting what looks like a box of envelopes in the mail. hee hee. (Sorry about that. I really tried to find something else, I swear.)

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