The Christmas story in song.

On Wednesday night I found myself at Andrew Peterson’s Christmas show in Nashville, sitting with friends and listening to the story of Jesus told in song, starting all the way back in the Old Testament. On Sunday night I found myself with a very different set of friends, watching a musical that did much the same thing, yet in a very different way.

It was interesting to contrast the two – Andrew Peterson’s song about Mary, for example, focuses a little bit more on the gritty reality of what it must have been like for a teenager to give birth in a stable, while in Beautiful Star Mary sang a lullabye to Jesus and the messy stable labor was kind of glossed over. On the way home, Mike pointed out that, since Behold the Lamb of God has songs about Moses and Isaiah and Beautiful Star had songs about Noah and Abraham, it would be great to enjoy the two albums together.

Since Mike went back to school, Advent has come to be a time of concerts and plays, of luminaries and quiet nights at home. We had a nice trip to Nashville (that included the greatest day of my life) and a good time this afternoon with friends. It was another little piece of our Christmas this year.

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