“She didn’t just turn out all right. She came out and then it was a lot of hard work.”

Okay, this will have to be quick.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t part of Lorelai’s talk with the “shrink” last year about wanting to have a baby with Luke? But now . . . she’s not so sure about having one with Christopher. Well, wait! She did already have one with Christopher! And he wasn’t around! Weren’t those good times! Can anyone blame Lorelai for not wanting to relive them?

It seems more and more obvious that Lorelai is figuring out that she didn’t just want to be married. She thought she wanted to be married, that that would bring her “the whole package.” But what she wanted was to be married to Luke.

I’m not sure how I feel about what Emily said . . . on one hand, Lorelai does need to learn how to compromise. On the other, she can’t compromise on things that are . . . essential to who she is, like living in Stars Hollow. Or not being ready to have a baby. How can Christopher say that she’s the only one who gets to decide, when he was the one who decided they should get “married” in Paris. And it happened, even when she wanted to wait. Stop being such a baby, Christopher.

Anyway, cute Luke and Lorelai scene! Poor Luke keeps getting dumped on! I hate Anna so much I could spit! I wish Luke could beat on Christopher EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

I didn’t love it. It seemed kind of off. But I am not going to complain when Lorelai is counting soap instead of hanging out with Christopher. No, indeed.

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