Dear Gilmore Girls,

It’s funny how an episode can cause such different reactions. I’ve done more reading after this week’s episode, more than I usually do, and the responses surprised me. The Christopher camp seems thrilled with him learning more about Stars Hollow. The Despair camp remains firmly entrenched in, well, despair. And I, waving my banner of hope, thought it was great.

I don’t like the word “journey,” and I try to avoid using it if I can. However, I have come to accept that this season of Gilmore Girls is about Luke and Lorelai having parallel journeys. I can no longer deny it. Luke’s is a journey of redemption, to fix what he ruined last season. And Lorelai is finding out what she really wants.

In a discussion earlier this season, someone making a distinction between being good with Lorelai (Christopher, if you like that sort of thing, which I most certainly do not) and being good for Lorelai (Luke). I think that is a lot of what we are seeing, and I honestly think that if Lorelai’s “journey” (bleh) has to do with finding more about herself and what she wants, part of that is going to be realizing that Christopher is a fun guy, they have chemistry, they get along . . . but that’s not enough. She needs somebody who fits, and Christopher honestly doesn’t fit. As much as Luke makes noise about hating the town festivals, he really got that Lorelai loves them. For all that talk of Chris “getting” her earlier in the season, well, that was not apparent this week. I hope that was apparent to you, and that I don’t need to make you a pep talk any more than that. I honestly believe with all of my heart that this is working, that what we are seeing is how Christopher doesn’t work in Lorelai’s life. I don’t believe he’s sticking around, conversations with Jackson notwithstanding. I continue to feel better and better about the show because of that.

So, without further ado, letters to the characters.

Dear Townies,

How much do I love the not-so-welcome wagon that you gave Christopher? SO MUCH. Please continue. Please.

Tolerating Christopher is way more than I do,

Dear Christopher,

Shocking! You used money to try to buy people’s affections yet again! I can hardly believe it! When will you ever learn?

Hoping you never learn and Lorelai gets sick of you,

P.S. I’m pretty sure that Taylor’s not on the list of people Lorelai wanted you to impress. Nicely done.

Dear Luke,

Your speech to Anna was magnificent. Too bad you didn’t say it last year.


P.S. Oh, sure, try to win me over with your smiling and your cutely holding the new baby. It won’t work. (It already worked.)

Dear Marty,

No. Just . . . no. Please don’t do that.

I still love you, but . . . no,

Dear Paris,

Please dance in every episode.

You make everything better,

Dear Rory’s friends,

I know lots of people find you annoying, but I like you. I can’t help it. I even liked your silly theme for your party.

Keep giving Rory stuff to do,

P.S. Please stay her friends when you find out that she and Marty lied about knowing each other.

Dear Lorelai,

Are you really having fun? Is this really what you want?

Waiting for February,

P.S. I know it’s not what you want. I was just being polite and offering you a chance to explain yourself.

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