For the LOVE!

Spoilers for Gilmore Girls episode “S’Wonderful, S’Marvelous.”

This recap is entitled “For the LOVE!” because that’s what I said a lot during the first scene. hehe.

At first glance, this wasn’t a good episode for people who like Luke and Lorelai. But, after thinking about it, it’s not like it was a good episode for Christopher, which makes me think it was a better episode for Luke and Lorelai than I originally thought. Anything that’s bad for Christopher is good for Luke, as far as I’m concerned.

“What?” you’re saying. “How was it a bad episode for Christopher?! He was fun! He planned the fun date! Lorelai deserves to have fun after all the sad stuff she’s been through.” Well, yes, she had fun, and if it had stayed there, I would have conceded a point for Chris.

However. I think what happened at the end negated the fun date. Here’s why. (I stole some of this from a discussion I had last night, so if it sounds familiar to some of you, I’m sorry. It’s not familiar to Theresa, and she’s the one who needs to be talked off a ledge. Hehe.)

Mike and I both thought that Christopher’s whining at the end was very telling. He wanted the evening to be about him, about how great he was, and he was upset that Lorelai could only think about her mother being in jail. It seemed to me that, in an effort to appease him and thank him for the date, Lorelai invited him in. The way that he whined about the date didn’t make me feel like he was thinking about her. If he was thinking about her, he would have been happy to share that experience with her, happy that she was happy. Instead, he was upset that the event that he created didn’t come off like he was wanting.

Additionally, if he was thinking about her, he would have respected what she’d said earlier about keeping things slow, especially in light of the season finale. You would think he’d want to make sure she didn’t regret her decision this time. Instead, we get the same Christopher we’ve always had, the one who thinks just about himself and what he wants. He keeps forcing what he wants on her: “I love you,” “I want to sleep with you,” “It’s right for us to be together.” As we talked about last week, she’s clearly not sure about how she feels about a lot of things right now, from pop tarts to Christopher (pop tarts: more nutritious and substantial than Christopher any day . . . and I don’t even like pop tarts), but he keeps pushing it.

What this says to me is that Christopher is, in essence, still the same guy he was in season 1 – the guy who proposed to Lorelai when she was upset about his parents, about having slept with him on the balcony, about having missed her painting date with Luke. That Christopher is acting exactly the same way seems like a good sign, because she didn’t want him then, she’s more grown up and responsible, and there’s no way that he’s a long-term prospect if he’s still acting like he did in 2001. He’s exactly what he’s always been – a guy who makes things fun. But that’s not enough for a relationship. And I think that’s where this is headed – Chris is not ultimately a guy Lorelai can be with long-term, and I think that’s what she’s going to find out. (Crash and burn, Christopher!)

Overall, I thought this episode was fine. It wasn’t great, but it was okay. There were things I enjoyed: I always like Luke’s awkwardness with April, I liked that Rory was getting a life apart from Logan and that she wasn’t at his beck and call, I liked Emily being in jail. It was fine. I just wish we didn’t have to sit through all this Christopher stuff. But, say it with me, this episode did not make him look like a long-term prospect. Which is fine by me.

(Also, I know that, even though the episode was set in August, it’s totally lame that they were talking about Snakes on a Plane. But, as someone said at work today, it was a nexus of all things Kari. It made me happy. David Rosenthal: my new BFF.)

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