The eyes have it.

While I don’t miss wearing glasses or contacts, I realized over the weekend that I miss the ritual of coming home after a long day, taking out my contacts, putting on my glasses and pajamas. I miss that step of relaxing. It’s not that I can’t relax without it, it’s just that it was part of what I did, one of my ways to transition into “home mode.” On Sunday, when we got home from our beach weekend, I took a shower and put on pajamas, and I realized that I kind of missed the “making my eyes less tired” step. I hadn’t realized how much a part of my life even that small thing was.

Speaking of my eyes, I thought about them again last night (mostly I don’t think about them at all anymore) when I was making Mega Meatball Pizza and I had to cut up an onion. When I wore contacts, I was the designated onion cutter in the family, because the contacts protected my eyes and kept me from crying. Now, though, onions have maybe lost a tiny bit of their appeal (and if Theresa is reading this, she can tell you that that is saying something), since they do, after all, make my eyes burn and run.

We had a nice beach trip – my mom and I went shopping, we had good food, Mike and I destroyed Mom and Joseph at bocce ball 😈 . It was good to be together as a family in a house that holds so many nice memories.

I find I don’t have a lot to say right now, so I’m not sure if I should just take a break or update irregularly or just tell you all about the books I’m reading. (I won’t do that last one, don’t worry. But since I have you here, I may run down a few that were good that I have read recently.) I read one I enjoyed over the weekend, called London is the Best City in America. I have read several enjoyable books lately, including Rise and Shine by Anna Quindlen (wonderful), The Monk Downstairs by Tim Farrington (well-written and pleasant), Tolstoy Lied by Rachel Kadish (did not disappoint . . . and I was looking forward to it), Thirty-Three Swoons by Martha Cooley (liked it even better than her first – could not put it down), and, of course, the latest Alexander McCall Smith, which was as fabulous as always.

Right now I’m stalled early on in the new Lee Smith – I had planned to read it, but not quite yet. My coworker, though, asked me to read it and write a review for her book club, and the whole idea is so daunting that I’ve barely started it. I don’t really want to read and take notes. I am taking solace in the fact that, by all accounts, it’s going to be a great read. I just have to get started on it.

I wish I had something to say that was meaningful, something I’ve been thinking of or learning, but what I’ve been doing a lot of is specifically not thinking. I am doing okay, but I don’t have anything to say about it, at least not right now.

Other than that, Mike and I are looking forward to having soup this week (it’s allowed) and hopefully having a night out at our fire pit. We missed most of September, so it will be nice to try to make sure that October is present and accounted for.

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