It’s 3am, I must be lonely.

So far, the worst part of my eye surgery was getting the stitches out. I know, I know, you’re totally grossed out by the idea of stitches in my eye. It hasn’t been a big deal, though. I can’t feel them or anything. And, even though Mike stopped reading this at the word “stitches,” I’m not going to say how they got the stitches out, because he made me promise I wouldn’t tell him. It didn’t hurt, exactly, but it was kind of uncomfortable, and it left me with a jangly-nerves of feeling for the rest of the day. I hadn’t had to take Tylenol since the day after the surgery, but I had to take some for a couple of days after getting the stitches out. It wasn’t pain, just a sort of achy feeling.

They didn’t take all of the stitches out, because the eye needs to heal a little longer before they do. They took three of the five out, which made a huge difference in my vision. I can see Mike when I wake up in the morning! If I hold the book in the right place (my point of focus is a little off, because the stitches prevent my eye from healing into an astigmatism, which means that my vision currently resembles an astigmatism), I can read with my new eye! I can see the clock when I wake up!

That last one has a bit of a downside, I’m learning. While it’s always been a dream of mine to be able to wake up and just read the clock, it was not so great the other night when I saw the clock at 12:something and 1:something and 2:something and 3:something and 4:something and 5:something. I slept a bit each hour, but I was awake a whole lot. And my normal, “I can’t see the clock so I’ll just pretend it’s not there!” doesn’t exactly work when you CAN see.

Nevertheless, the eye situation is good. I get the rest of the stitches out on July 10. That’s right, the doctor will take the suture kit, get out the tiny knife . . . have I said too much?

(And hopefully we’re getting the sleep thing under control, too. At least, we’re working on it.)

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