Rambling thoughts.

Alisa and Carla have reported that they like the songs on the CD I made, except for one: The Dandy Warhols singing “We Used to Be Friends,” AKA the Veronica Mars theme song. I’ve started running again, and I’ve been using that playlist. I have to say that “We Used to Be Friends is a kick-butt song to run to. It gets me moving.

Speaking of Veronica Mars, over the weekend, Mike and I employed a “Work hard, play hard” mentality. Saturday I did a lot of work around the house while he did some yard work, and then on Sunday, after working on our new fire pit/patio area, we watched nine episodes of Veronica Mars. We finished season two, and I can see why people say it wasn’t as good as season one, because I think it would have been frustrating to watch it over an entire season, but watching it as quickly as we did (19 episodes in less than a week) was fun. And now we are all caught up! We’re ready for Gilmore Girls/Veronica Mars Tuesday nights!

I finished Lost and Found by Carolyn Parkhurst, and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. It wasn’t my favorite book of all time or anything, but I liked the characters, and I liked the concept of following them on a race around the world. I would have liked for it to be longer, and there was a subplot I would have liked a little more resolution to, but I give it a thumbs up overall. At first I was like, “No, I don’t think it was actually better than Dogs of Babel,” but that one was so unusual that it’s hard to compare. This one was more straightforward, and what it did, it did very well. I will definitely keep an eye out for her books in the future.

In the acknowledgements for Lost and Found, Ms. Parkhurst thanked her husband for watching the same shows that she does. Appropriate for a book about a television show. Mike and I generally watch the same stuff, with me getting him into Veronica Mars and him getting me more into Scrubs and The Office. But that got me thinking about the kinds of things I thought were important in relationships before I was married. I think it’s great that Mike and I like the same movies and television shows (not so much the same music, though), and it’s important to me that Mike can watch a chick flick or a show like Gilmore Girls without making a big deal about it (i.e. his masculinity isn’t threatened), but it’s much more important that he be respectful and thoughtful and kind. I’m thankful that’s the kind of guy he is, because, working with the public, I come into people who are just the opposite of that. Every day.

Speaking of working with the public, I don’t actually work with them any more. So scratch that last statement. I used to come into contact with people like that every day. Now I come in contact with a lot of books every day. And I have windows, so I can see the sun. Or the rain, as is the case today.

Speaking of rain, yesterday I was running and it started raining. I decided that Mike and I need a code for when I’m out and it starts raining, because I didn’t have my cell phone with me. The rain was nice, because it was cooler. I did not, however, like the man who, while I was walking, said, “Now’s the time to run!” I will run when I want to run, sir. The Dandy Warhols are not currently playing. Now is a time to walk.

And now that I’ve brought it full circle back to running and The Dandy Warhols, I’ll go ahead and hit publish. Seems like the best thing to do.

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