Come on now, sugar

A few months ago, I came into a little extra cash, and I bought season one of Veronica Mars on DVD because I’ve been wanting to watch it. On Thursday night, Mike and I watched a couple of episodes and found it enjoyable. And then, on Friday, Mike came home early and we watched six straight episodes. Mike would have stopped, but when it comes to TV shows on DVD, I am almost incapable of stopping. This happened with Gilmore Girls, too – if Mike hadn’t made me stop, I would have watched whole seasons in a weekend. In this case, on Friday he kept saying, “This was supposed to last us the summer,” while pressing play. He made me promise not to watch any without him this weekend. But he’s going to be home earlier than expected tonight, so I demand more episodes.

For the record, I do think it’s a very good show. I don’t feel so much addicted to it at this point (though that could change after more episodes) as, “I have some questions I’d like answered . . . NOW.” I would hate to have to watch this show week to week, though. DVD is the way to go. I like the characters, but I like them in a different way than I usually feel when I get involved in a show. There’s not anybody I’m particularly rooting for couple-wise. I am just enjoying the story so far.

I was at a baby shower yesterday, talking to Melissa about the show (she watched the first season), and one of our mutual friends asked what we were talking about, and we told her Veronica Mars. She’d never heard of it, and was a little concerned about us when she heard it was on UPN. Now, I admit that I read a lot of entertainment news (EW is all about this show) and it’s very popular on TWoP (here’s where I admit I spent Saturday at work reading recaps of the episodes we’ve watched so far), but are there really people who don’t know about it? That makes me sad. The only reason I haven’t been watching it on TV is because I wanted to see it all from the beginning, so I had to wait for the DVDs to come out (and then to be able to afford them and THEN for time to watch them).

Now, here’s where I go into a desperate plea. There’s no word on how long it’s going to take for season 2 to come out on DVD. Do any of you have it saved on tape or TiVo or something? Mike and I got our signals crossed about TiVoing season 2 – I wanted to do that and save it up for when we finally got to see season 1, but he didn’t know I was serious about that. And, after all, it did take us until the end of the second season to even start season one. But if we can get our hands on season two this summer, we can be ready for season three this fall. Help a girl out.

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