You take the good, you take the bad . . .

Between Mike’s four English classes and my work schedule, this has been a difficult spring. Last week was especially difficult for many reasons, and I am grateful that it’s over. What really strikes me about last week, though, is not how difficult or draining it was, but how many “small graces” I was given to help me through. Here, in no particular order, are the things I’d like to remember.

I have a husband who makes me breakfast and pack my lunch when I am too overwhelmed to do it myself. He watches Friends with me when I need cheering up. He joins me in making fun of the ridiculous dialogue in Match Point. He juggles work and school to make time for me. He takes me out to Bianca’s to celebrate good news.

I have friends who cry with me on the phone, friends who rejoice with me when I get good news, friends who pass the tissues, friends who are right there with me when I go from good news to bad news, friends who watch Oprah with me when I don’t know what to say, friends who make plans with me for the summer. I have friends who have gone above and beyond in the past week.

I’m thankful for good news that makes things seem a little easier, and for people in my life who are thoughtful enough to consider whether I need good news on a particular day. I work with people who are kind and compassionate. Mike and I have an amazing support system. I made hushpuppies for dinner last night. I took a two-mile walk with friends. I drove around town with the windows rolled down, listening to Rich Mullins. I engaged in some retail therapy.

Mike says I always talk in terms of small graces, but when you have a hard week, a needed tissue, a hug, and a hushpuppy don’t feel small at all. Those things feel about as important as it gets.

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