Anna is not a Super Cool Party Person in my book.

Spoilers for the Gilmore Girls episode “Super Cool Party People.”

Yesterday Emily reminded me that I am overdue for my Gilmore Girls entry for this week. “Yes,” I told her, “but thus far I have been unable to write about this week’s episode without resorting to all caps.” She agreed that the internet doesn’t really want to hear me yelling.

So, deep breath, here I go.

This week’s episode was good – I don’t have to point out the actual talking, do I? About April? Meeting April? The banter, the cuteness at the party? And yet, I have to admit that I was really angry at the end. Angry at Anna. You see, she’s not the only parent. Luke is also April’s parent, and the reason he hasn’t been around for 12 years is because Anna didn’t tell him, because she didn’t think he’d be responsible (never mind that she never gave him a chance to be responsible, never mind that the most important thing to Luke Danes has always been family). It’s not because he chose not to be around. She isn’t the superior parent because she chose to be the only parent.

As I have said several times this week, back when Luke was still reacting to the news, Anna said, “Look, Luke, you’re in or you’re out.” A lot of people applauded that, but I thought, “No, that’s not fair at all. He has no idea what it means to suddenly have a kid, and you’re expecting him to know what he wants to do?” If Anna had approached things differently on Tuesday, I wouldn’t have been so upset with her – I think the complaint of not knowing Luke’s girlfriend is somewhat legit, but sitting down and talking about it would make a lot more sense than just laying down the law (which, I contend, she has no right to do to Luke).

And, you know, I get that they’re drawing parallels between Anna’s relationship with Lorelai and Lorelai’s relationship with Sherri (Christopher’s other babymama), but Lorelai, though she was jealous, was generous and kindhearted. If Anna had acted that way, I would have understood her jealousy and admired her kindness. But she didn’t.

In other news, Rory’s smackdown was awesome, I want Paris to make all my difficult phone calls for me, and I want to see Michel’s website.

Overall, other than my dislike of Anna, I thought that our favorite couple made some good steps in the right direction. Here’s hoping.

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