The great outdoors

The other night, Mike and I slept with the window open, to keep things cool upstairs. In theory, I like sleeping with the window open. I like nature and fresh air. I like crickets. I like the smell of fresh-cut grass (not ours). In practice, though, it’s not exactly like that. For one thing, our neighbor’s yippy dogs created a chorus of dogs howling from every corner of our neighborhood. Which Mike, of course, was able to sleep through. (The theme of the last few days: Mike can sleep through anything.) And there was howling from the woods, too, which I, the next morning, claimed was from “wild dogs.” “Wild dogs?” Mike said. “Did YOU hear it? Then I get to decide what it was.”

I’ve been walking/running in our neighborhood a lot lately, and it’s caused me to realize something. I don’t like dogs. I should preface this by saying that I’m allergic to dogs (ask Biscoe), that big dogs scare me, and that I am a cat person. But I have moved from indifference to dogs to a dislike of them. They bark at me all the time. I am just walking/jogging on the street, minding my own business, and they bark at me. I’m not on their property. They need to step off.

I can trace this intense dislike of dogs to the dogs that live next door. Whenever I am out in my yard – MY YARD – they bark at me. They are indoor dogs, so they bark at me through every available window. It’s my yard. I should be able to walk from my car to my front door without being barked at.

Anyway, back to the sleeping with the window open. In the morning, when the yippy dogs were let out for their morning bathroom break, we got lots of yippiness. Only to be expected. What was not expected was the woodpecker that was apparently making its new home in the trees behind our house. Hello, Mr. Woodpecker. We don’t think it’s time to get up yet. Please go back to sleep before we hunt you down with rubberbands (we don’t have any guns. But we do have a deep fryer).

As we were lying there listening to the woodpecker (Mike actually woke up for that one), I noted that even though our house gets quieter at night, it seems that the world outside gets louder. The dogs, the crickets, the birds . . . all enjoying the early spring evening. Unfortunately, my favorite way to enjoy an early spring evening is by . . . being asleep.

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