Damp pants.

I’ve noticed that I have to be careful to screw the lid on my Nalgene tight, or else it leaks. I’ve noticed it, but it didn’t register this morning, when I didn’t screw it quite tight enough. Almost a quarter of the bottle dumped all over the contents of my tote bag as I was driving to work. So, now my pants are a little damp from where I dumped the contents of the bag into the parking lot . . . and slightly on myself. Luckily, I had put the library books in spine down, so the covers got wet but not the pages. A librarian destroying library books makes quite the story, don’t you think?

I have a long history of spilling water in my bag – I did it in college (not with the Nalgene, because I didn’t have a Nalgene), I did it in grad school. One incident in grad school was particularly bad – water spilled all over a project I had been working on. Luckily it wasn’t due that day, but I had to reprint a bunch of stuff. I didn’t quite have a meltdown, but standing in the LIS mailbox area with water all over my pants (are you noticing a trend?), I came pretty close. And there was the time I spilled an entire cup of Coke right in my lap . . . as we were driving to a concert. The time I dropped a bottle of Dr. Pepper and then opened it and it exploded all over my shirt . . . as we were on our way to see Mike’s parents. You can see why I stick to water these days. And that’s just liquid. We won’t even get started on food (or what exactly it was that got on my yellow sweater yesterday . . . I still don’t know).

I’m just one of those people who spills things, and my damp pants and I have come to terms with that, at least most days. But it’s still kind of embarassing. I’m gonna hide at my desk until things dry.

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