Full of nothing.

I went outside this afternoon to run. As I was running, I actually saw snowflakes falling. They were the kind of snowflakes that evaporate before they hit the ground, but I was still running while snowflakes were falling. And I decided that we should get a treadmill, because running in the snow is ridiculous. I do think it upped my street cred, though. “Kari is awesome! She even runs in the rain and the snow!”

We aren’t going to get one, but if we did have a treadmill, I think I would use it. I grew up in a treadmill family, and I wasn’t the most consistent user of it, but college and grad school really cemented my treadmill love. Some people don’t like it, but any exercise I can do while reading or watching TV is good exercise as far as I am concerned.

Now I am drinking tea (my lungs do not like running in the cold, so drinking tea also means breathing in lots of warm tea air) and getting ready to work on some laundry issues. Mike is actually in his pajamas (he wasn’t kidding), I finished a book today, and we’re just full of nothing. It’s a good feeling.

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