Nitwit juice at Friday Night Dinner is a very good sign.

Well, I know I did such a good job last week of convincing you all that Luke and Lorelai are going to be fine that today’s post is barely necessary, but a promise is a promise.

By the way, I went back and watched last week’s promo after the end of this week’s episode (as is the tradition in our house), and, dang, it was the best one ever! I totally thought Rory was pregnant, and I had already seen the episode!

Today’s reasons why Luke and Lorelai are going to be fine:

1. They seemed more normal this week – the banter, the flirting, him helping around the inn, fewer sad longing looks from Lorelai. In fact, when April and Anna came up at the very end, Lorelai seemed . . . okay. Obviously things are not 100% better, but they are slightly better. (They are going to be fine.)

2. Even Richard and Emily (and Michel) recognize that Luke is here to stay. They’re not fighting it anymore. They’re just accepting it. Luke was drinking a beer! Emily let him drink nitwit juice without demeaning him! They’re even accepting the Long Lost Daughter. (Everything will be fine.)

3. Christopher doesn’t strike fear into my heart like he used to. Lorelai was telling Rory to reach out to Christopher, and even though it bugged me (my hatred of Christopher knows no bounds), I wasn’t scared that he was going to make her change her mind about Luke. By the end of the episode, I decided that she feels sorry for him, that she cares about him because of their shared past, but that the serious threat is gone. We are so over Christopher. (You know the drill.)

4. The way that the whole conversation about June 3 went – Mike and I were both expecting Emily to bring out those save-the-date cards, Luke to blow up, and there to be a big fight in front of the Grandparents, ending badly and putting everyone [read: Theresa] into a tailspin. But that didn’t happen, which was interesting. I think it’s a good sign that they didn’t take things into that direction. It means that, even though Lorelai hasn’t told him the truth about her feelings about the wedding, we don’t need to be worried about their relationship. I don’t think they’re going to have a relationship-threatening fight. I think they’re going to have the conversation they’ve been needing to have.

In other news: I’m proud of Rory for making editor, Paris kicking her out was classic Paris, I thought Richard and Emily’s insurance speech was one of the most boring scenes ever (though I liked the payoff with Luke saying, “What is this feeling of anxiety mixed with despair?” Or whatever it was he said). hehe. I knew Alisa would like that Emily and Richard were encouraging Luke to get a second DNA test, and I enjoyed the, “He was standing next to a microscope” line. I would be mad at this point if she wasn’t really his daughter – I hate the storyline, but I do like April. I liked WantingToSpendTimeWithLorelai!Michel. But I really did think that maybe he had a secret crush on the former handyman. hehe.

I don’t like Christopher, I never liked Christopher, and now I know why I don’t like Logan. They’re exactly the same person. Rory needs to get out now, because she knows what her dad is like. Not. A. Quality. Individual. And I couldn’t believe that Christopher ratted Rory out to Lorelai. Typical.

Overall, the episode was just okay for me, but I did appreciate the lack of tension between Luke and Lorelai. We stopped the recording just as EPG was saying, “Next week on a special Valentine’s Day episode . . .” Can’t wait.

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